mardi 21 décembre 2010


We could never separate the compositions, as well as the music, from Free System Project and Brendan Pollard with electronic and scenic exploits of a Tangerine Dream fossilized in our nostalgic cultural souvenirs. And the addition of Michael Daniel (Hashtronaut) doesn’t make anything to ease these memories of an analog musical world which seemed to be without borders in those days. Mind out of Time answers Time out of Mind! Improvised and recorded during Time out of Mind sessions; Free System Project, Brendan Pollard and Hashtronaut are the undeniable proof that the art survives time. Because even with a music constantly revisited corrected and replayed on its same precepts Mind out of Time will find a way of seducing and awakening vestiges of an EM that some people thought it had make its time.
Shadows and Fog is the reflection of its naming. A long track of nearly 40 minutes which offers a long intro as atmospheric as atonal. A slow morphic intro where a pleiad of electronic tones winds in serial oniric poetry where chirpings unscramble around somber moving pads and an abandoned flute which hums a lyrical ode in a forest stuffed of 1 001 tones. Shadows and Fog’s intro is make of shadows and mist, but also of eclectic tones which evolve beneath somber mooing, humming and intriguing reverberations. Spectral pads which slowly move around layers of synth and ghostly guitars whereas isolated guitar notes and caustic synth streaks pierce a heavy astral nebulosity. An intro which espouses those whom we find on Time out of Mind, but in a more slender format which quietly highlights certain nuances of the Dream. In particular this hesitating sequence which pulses nonchalantly among spectral streaks and a more crystal clear flute, towards the 22nd minute. A sequence which finally shakes the slowness of Shadows and Fog with an unbridled rhythm which routinely pounds a pace to odors of déjà heard on very symphonic synths and nice mellotron pads, chthonian choirs and discreet guitar solos. A metallic bow kneads strings of a fragile cello, grinds the ropes of making squeak and scold The Upper Chamber's opening on a thick cloud of electronic diurnal birds. A deliciously strange atmospheric intro of which we cannot ignore the recollections of embryonic Phaedra with misled synth layers and spiraled filaments which accompany a soft mellotron flute. Contrary to Shadows and Fog the intro doesn’t seem eternal and is well dosed between atony and rhythm. An edgy rhythm which emerges from fluty sweetnesses towards the 7th minute with a sequence strumming nervously a minimalist pace. A pace of which powerful resonant chords are crawling before being intersecting and coupling with beautiful rhythmic permutation, in the shade of a magnificent foggy and fluty mellotron which waltzes of its ethereal pads beneath a sky streaked with multiple synth chirpings. The Upper Chamber maintains this feverish cadence on heavy sequences which pulse by resounding in an oniric mist of a hybrid mellotron and a synth of which discreet solos overfly laments with analog tones.
As its title indicates it, " Option C " (Slight Return) is a return to the original sources of " Option C " from Time out of Mind opus. Longer, " Option C " (Slight Return) explores more deeply the atmospheric ambiances which divert on a wavy-like and spherical sequential movement. A feverish and nervous sequence which gallops on a mellotron with dense foggy pads, chthonian choirs, movements of enchanted flutes and a synth with nasal solos and hatched layers which surround a circular sequential movement. Obviously the whole thing inhales Tangerine Dream to full nose, but from the Encore area with its very symphonic synths which become entangled harmoniously well with mellotron strata and minimalism sequences which hammer a good hypnotic rhythmic. The finale there is very beautiful with its solitary notes of piano that drag around this mellotron mist. A mist wrapping a quixotic forest where centaurs charm birds while accompanying their chirping by fine fluty odes.
Free System Projekt, Brendon Pollard and Hashtronaut succeed again to plunge us into its nostalgic atmospheres which definitively seem to miss to a legion of Tangerine Dream fans, Phaedra years. Mind out of Time is the reflection of Time out of Mind and this need of a whole generation to relive the magic of morphic intros, stuffed with heterogeneous tones, which led to those same sequential movements. Structures heard hundreds of time and which always succeed to captivate. Why? I don’t have any clue at all. All that I know it’s that every time I listen to this music I still fall under the charm. As this puppy love that was full of innocence and reverie.


Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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