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FOOD FOR FANTASY: The Secret Of Dreamin' (2006)

Food For Fantasy (Food 4 Fantasy) is the 2006 version of the famous one album duet, Double Fantasy. On IC label, Robert Schroeder (alias Dreamstar) and Charly McLion released in 1986 a superb album, Universal Ave, one of the rarest EM opuses to reach the US charts. Labelled as being ‘‘Californian Dreamin’’ music, Double Fantasy linked synths with strange and robotized guitar sonorities. For various contractual reasons, there had never been a following to this free style EM exotic opus. Nearly 20 years later, Double Fantasy lives again under the name Food 4 Fantasy and, always under the hands of Dreamstar and a new guitarist in the person of Phil Molto (who is in reality Robert Schroeder), reserves us pleasant surprise.
The intro of Remember Double Fantasy carries proudly its appellation. From the first notes, we remember the honeyed introduction of Heartbreaker on Universal Ave. Synth floating shade, whose principal line swerves subtly of its axis, with percussions in the background which intensify the tempo, on a floating synth which moans languorously. What a delicious return in the past! If the track was melting into The Secret of Dreamin', the illusion would be perfect. Because the groovy beat, on a slippery bass and mordant guitar, is completely in conformity with this first catchy track that filled up walkmans in the summer of 1987. These are not the only tracks that have this directly influence; Long Running Highways has the chords, the moves, the guitar, the summer sensual rhythm and the warm synthetic breath of Universal Ave. Just like the superb The Spirit Of Freedom with its pulsating hypnotic rhythm, its sharp guitar and dense enveloping synth layers on daring percussions. A track that has lights island fragrances, just like the audacious Keep on Searching and its sensual beat on superb mellotron synth strings and plucked guitar, sitar style.
The guitar moves, on an ambient mellotron background, in Create Yourself, recalls the beautiful psychedelic years of Pink Floyd. If this soft guitar moment on atmospheric pads appeals you, Fundamental Relaxing is in the same pattern. Another beautiful moment on guitar, a little more liven up, can be heard on Fantasy Refresher, where the acoustic guitar slipped with ease on a synth pulsating and undulating setting, wrapped of beautiful floating layers. With Fast Food we enter into a more progressive category. Pendulum effect percussions taunt a synth whistling a cherub refrain which sticks to the tympanums with a disconcerting facility, like a nice ear worm. Big symphonic sparks modulate the rhythms sustained by good guitar riffs and aggressive percussions whereas synth layers are mixed with guitar ones which kick out in a movement with multiple jolts and bounces. A heavy track, with metallic industrial drafts, which undergoes a pleasant transformation on the snack version.With its rumble drum, little bluesy style and Hispanic lounge approach, Night Lights hooks the attention. A rather particular style that we simply do not expect on an EM opus. Guitar is great and flirts cheerfully on a synth which sometimes is austere and other times lighter with its trumpet intonations. We will think of Carlos Santana doing EM.
If, like me, you have delighted of Universal Ave, you will love The Secret Of Dreamin'. Less atmospheric and more rhythmic, Robert Schroeder succeeded where several broke their noses. Symbiosis between guitars and EM instruments is quite simply divine. Even if, at several places, the guitar is strongly ahead, the electronic essence remains with superb synth and mellotron layers on highly elaborate passages and rhythms in constant evolutions. A very good opus with various musical flavours, which contains several small jewels that hang and hang even more, as we are listening to it. The signature of great works.


Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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