lundi 6 décembre 2010

FOOD FOR FANTASY: Fruits of Fantasy (2008)

Guitars! Big and heavy guitars with bluesy, groovy and rock styles! Synths, sequencers and electronic percussions! Fruits of Fantasy is a beautiful opus with disparate blends which cross all styles of splendidly harmonious EM. For their 2nd collaboration, Schroeder/Molto decided to filled up our ears. Produced with the BIT technology, Fruits of Fantasy is of an astonishing sound clearness. And this in spite of the multiplicity of the instruments, chords and styles, from sequenced Berlin School to a little more ambient and synth pop, while lightly touching the nostalgic saga of Double Fantasy 1st adventure.
Reverberating hoops hem in a sound fauna more poetic than eclectic. A short astral intro that an intense drum awakes with strikes which ram a weighty beat, while Phil Molto’s (who’s in realty Robert Schroeder) six-strings draws its melodious axes with finely chiselled notes. Fruits Of Fantasy opens this 2nd Schroeder/Molto fictive collaboration with a powerful title, where the pace hammers electronic effects with suction pads alike pulsations, in a musical universe where electronic rock is moulding surprisingly well to the ambient and cosmic structures of a Berlin School with multiple sound effects. Between the blues and Californian synth pop, Sweetest Thoughts ravels on sustained percussions and a groovy bass which moors with a beautiful guitars/synths fusion in a smoothly and softly mellotron context. Once again Molto’s guitar cuts out the melodies with the precision of a scalpel, cutting out the first works of an electronic blues. A romantic track, just like Digital Reflections, though more progressive and sequenced with a splendid astral guitar.
Windcraft brings us into more complex progressive EM territories. Percussions roll a nervous and random rhythm, in a heavy canvas where sound effects amplify the ambiguity of a structure which was announced like surfing techno. The guitar is mordant and espouses the ethereal loops of Manuel Gottsching on a wild and heavy tempo. By far it’s the most mordant and incisive track on Fruits of Fantasy. After such a sound surge, Dreams Come True seems a simple melody of happiness. Except that after some listening, we notice that the melodious aspect is rather progressive, even frantic, showing the wild intensity of Windcraft. Listen to the Radio is nice a synth pop which finds its effectiveness on a good play of drums, a vocodor of a futuristic kind and a guitar which sings more than plays. A light and cheerful track, just like Experimental Spaces!
Floating Energy is more electronic than rock, jazz or blues. A slow track, tinted of a cosmic sensuality, where slow pulsations intermingle with felted percussions as well as dragonfly like cymbals. A beautiful and charming track with metallic breezes that go deepen into the hearing and which divert on a superb percussion passage. The final is tinted of a bluesy galactic spirit, unique to this nice musical jewel which is Fruits of Fantasy. An opus which is more than just EM that I recommend without hesitations….


Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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