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DEEP IMAGINATION: Awareness (2010)

It is rather difficult to situate quite well the music of Thorsten Sudler-Mainz, the man behind Deep Imagination and Art of Infinity. If his last albums let heard a soft mixture of progressive and electronic, Awareness makes a breach in the World music while brushing the melodious approaches of New Age, but prioritizes always the mythical electronic atmospheres. Awareness is a beautiful album. Well structured, as the great melodious works of Vangelis, of which the amazing progression reaches its melodious paroxysm from Breath. Concept album about the subconscious, Awareness fills very well the sense of its naming by offering 10 tracks with mesmerizing pulsations and where slow rhythms are grafting to tribal inspirations, hypnotic sequences are moulding to tribal e- percussions and synths mix their hybrid layers with oniric sweetness.
Space is heavy, dreamy, static and atonal. Sinuous and wavy synth pad is opening the first measures. As a spacey wind, the breeze undulates and roams before smashing an abrupt sound wall where heavy metallic jolts are splitting the immutability by powerful and smashing percussion strikes and twisted guitar riffs which roar out in a sphere divided between atonal and a latent wild rhythm. More lyrical, with its symphonic synths, Clouds introduces Awareness’ first minimalist pulsations. The intro is very ethereal with a beautiful mellotron mist which clears up to make room to melodious keyboard keys which espouse soft pulsations of a curt bass line, introducing a slow and hypnotic rhythm where suave groans embrace strange nasal layers which expire of superb breezes with Arabic fragrances. Divided by an atmospheric insert, Surroundings hesitates to fly away with hesitating keyboard keys. A little more livened up than Clouds, the tempo is also very mesmerizing, even sensual, and takes shape under fine reverberating pulsations which are grafting transplanted in percussions with hybrid tones, a little as tablas which resound in the glass, while the synth whistles for beautiful and fragile harmonies. A good track, in the lineage of Creatures which is, on the other hand, heavier. Tradition dives into the complexity of paces with Oriental flavors with its array of manual percussions which espouse the sinuous movements of a good grand-sounding line of bass. The synth is vaporous and subdivides its layers to set a soft foggy melancholic. From a sustained tempo, Tradition diverts into a mythical atmospheric and tribal world. A little as if we would wander in a cave, all senses in alert. The tempo takes a little more vigor but remains shy, always arched on its tabla percussions which become scattered and its bass which grumbles languishingly. The synth is very ethereal there, multiplying its pads as lyrical as mystic with its first saxophone blows.
Breath awakes slowly the rhythmic tribal that slept under Tradition to propel us in the best segment of Awareness. After an intriguing intro, the rhythm is joyful and hops gaily under good tabla percussions and a line of caustic bass which incantated a dance of sands, under the hazes of a foggy synth. The tempo is enlivening under the charms of a whistling synth and circular sequences which are fading away in a heavy there atmosphere, before re-biting this tempo of Arabic dunes. Elements is connected with the effusions of Breath with a more propped, but very hypnotic rhythmic intro. Synth hazes circulates as the morning sea spray, before it wakes up and throws some splendid oniric dialects. Astonishing, this portion of Awareness is to throw walls on the ground. The tempo becomes heavier and drums striking resound in a strange echo while the synth frees zigzagging streaks where the electric saxophone crosses its breaths with layers of a divine synth on a slow and heavy hypnotic tempo. A superb track that is going to get your attention straight away with its suave and languishing beat. Sense pursues this strange musical quest begun by Breath with a slow ambient intro, coifed by a thick cloud of synth pads and streaks which fly over a tempo weakly liven up by a hypnotic line of bass. At around the 4th minute, the rhythm is carried away and tribal percussions shy away from this syncopated line of fog which whistles above Sense, awakening a whimsical pace which refuses to take off, preferring to coil up in the musical uncertainty is animated by an array of tones as eclectic as ethnic. With its crystalline xylophone keys, the intro of Sleep brings us towards an announced sleep. Except that heavier notes are grafting to this tender intro where the musical hybridity of Thorsten Sudler-Mainz is stunning of surprise with percussions and heterogeneous tones which pulse in a charming oniric setting, wrapped by a synth with orchestral, captivating and moving layers while that all in the background we hear fragments of a malefic bed song. Simply amazing! Eternity concludes this wonderful album of an incredible musicality with laments of a solitary saxophone which pierces a metallic foggy, a little as in the universe of Blade Runner, under notes of a bass which turn around in the meanders of our subconscious.
Certainly different from Berlin School EM style, Awareness is a very beautiful album where melodies roam in a much diversified atmospheric frames. I read on Internet that columnists cataloged this album as New Age and I don’t agree to these statements. But can we create a musical, lyrical and poetic universe without pouring into New Age? It’s the constant challenge of Thorsten Sudler-Mainz who album after album fusses to cross the progressive music to the electronic one, while leaving place to melodies buried in a strange cerebral universe as hybrid as poetic. Those who like Vangelis in the Blade Runner post years gonna like Awareness for sure.

BSC Music 398.6757.2 

Sylvain Lupari
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