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KELLER & SCHONWALDER: In Repelen (2010)

This CD / DVD combo of the German trio Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder is cut in luxury. A beautiful digipack with a 16 booklet of pages including pictures of the trio, and their accomplices for the Repelen sessions; Raughi Ebert and Thomas Kagermann. A nice combo of which the DVD presents a concert where the quintet interprets entirely their last opus as well as a track from Repelen 2; Source of Life. The CD includes 5 new tracks, among which 4 are played in concert in the chapel of Repelen on January 18th, 2009 and one recorded in Detlev Keller studios on October, 2009, as well as 2 tracks that we can see on the DVD; Storm Chaser and Sunset Cafe. A nice box-set, with a fine presentation, that will make fans of Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder, and their Repelen projects, very happy.
Recorded in Dorfkirche Repelen on February 7th, 2010, the DVD presents a very intimate concert of the group, among which 5 members are placed in the small chapel’ choir of this church which welcomes the band since 2006. Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder is well nested on the top of steps of the church choir while guitarist Raughi Ebert and violinist Thomas Kagermann are in front stage. A sober arrangement, where synths are heightened wrapping with their strata and imposing presence all the atmospheric magic which is freeing of this warm concert. A beautiful and serene show, just like its environment, where we see the Berlin quintet interpreted Repelen 3 with all its array of home instruments with their futuristic looks and tones so charming that are in the core of BKS musicality and sound richness. The lighting part is sober and well sieved while shots of digital cameras, which are perched around musicians, give us clear images with beautiful raids onto musicians, revealing so quite their dexterities and the complexity of these instruments which they manipulate with such a disarming ease. The show begins with Storm Chaser where Eva Kagermann is doing a lascivious and ethereal dance with movements which espouse slow and progressive rhythms of Storm Chaser and Babylon Road. The music of Repelen 3 is aptly returned and the performance on Old Kids on the Stick is quite unique with its strange futuristic cellos which serve as synth and sequencers, toyed with enjoyment and complicity by the German trio which kicks down the church with the solid Skinner's Run. Madrigal is another highlight with the home chorale of Repelen. We notice that the violin moves out of tone. Mario Schonwalder explains that sound difficulties explain this strange phenomenon of acoustics which is corrected with the version of Kagermann during the rehearsal, respecting so the principle of live sound and performance. Source of Life respects the solemnity of the concert with a soft and dreamlike music which is a very beautiful ode to daydream.
If the DVD is the cornerstone of In Repelen box-set, the CD is not only there to make the box bigger. It’s a nice CD which offers nearly 45 minutes of new EM, showing us that the quintet has still some beautiful things from the Repelen sessions to make us listen. Only track to be recorded in studio, Warm-up is a strange Berber ode where lamentations of violin and quixotic cello caress notes of a guitar crossed with a fanciful harp. Tranzz08 offers more rhythm with a hemmed sequential movement which waves among breaths of flutes and percussions which drum a tribal rhythmic. A track which lurches between a cosmic and ethnic rock with Thomas Kagermann psychedelic vocalizes and which evolves on wrapping synth mellotron pads. The Gates of Kairuan is in the most beautiful tradition of Berlin School Berliner. A superb intro with a sequential line which is espouses a rosary of crystal clears chords which sparkle as the majestic Klaus Schulze Crystal Lake. This limpid and hypnotic sequential movement progresses among an array of veils, violin layers and solos, guitar and a synth which swirl around a fine line of bass and additional sequences which click as snips of scissors among little more sober percussions. It’s a splendid Berlin School which finds all of his nobility around mad synth solos. Great BKS we have here! With Far from India 2009 and Memories of Hampshire, we dive into a more rock and ethnic approach of Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder. Strata of synth which undulate with a metallic essence open Far from India 2009first measures, of which fluty mellotron breezes are more much nervous than percussions which try to find themselves in an intro that we feel explosive. Tabla percussions, Percussions banked, enchanting flutes, breezes of synths with reverberating waves and guitar / sitar structure a nervous and ardent intro which explodes around the 3rd minute with percussions which rock and roll on beautiful layers of an ethereal synth, plunging Far from India 2009 into an almighty ethnic rock. A heavy and stormy movement which calms down towards finale where the Berber singings are measuring to big synth solos, before that Far from India 2009 dips back into its wild rhythm with its percussions which gallop on rippling synths layers. It’s another good track, quite as Memories of Hampshire which, after an indecisive intro, progresses on a nervous rhythmic with guitar riffs and solos which scatter on an undisciplined structure.
With its 16 tracks on 1 DVD and 1 CD, In Repelen is a great gift of music for fans of Broekhuis, Keller and Schönwälder. Especially for those who appreciate the Repelen area where the trio abandons a little its fragrances of Berlin School to create a skillful ethnic, progressive and electronic fusion. I have to say that’s a very nice DVD and a good CD which includes beautiful pearls of a music which transcends the usual Berlin School.


Sylvain Lupari (2010)
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