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BRENDAN POLLARD: Flux Echoes (2007)

Cosmic or cerebral voyage, the music of Brendan Pollard touches irremediably our senses. For its last opus, the analog wizard brings us again into the nebulous meanders of a phosphoric EM to vibrating stalactites which perfume the atmosphere of an exceptional sound density.
The title track begins with eclectic sonorities and reverberations from a strange amphibian world. The tone is soft and is flood of spectral choirs that move on a slow and sensual bass line. It wobbles on slinky waves which lull an obscure and tender sea of tranquility. Soon the ambient noises fly with sorrow, exciting our speakers of a happiness which awakes our teenage passion towards sound forms. Brendan Pollard does not invent anything. He improves what exists and what stupidly ceased being. He pushes the exercise further and presents us what the music of Tangerine Dream should have been within years later. What EM should have been. Around the 6th minute, a superb sequence with echotic pulsations circles with agility and transports us to the doors of a sonorous world in constant boiling, where sequences and movements intersect on cymbals with felted sparks. It’s a heavy voyage which visits the phases of an eroded core to polish it on beautiful and a majestic mellotron which blows out poetic odes.
Radiant Transmission goes straight to hemmed sequences with multiple criss-crossed hammerings. A long epic track in the heart of a wild analog jungle where movements collide on steady rhythms, drowned with choirs to spectral fogs on heavy ethereal mellotron. Sumptuous synths tear this musical opacity with symphonic breaths, imitating to perfection the Mephistophelean trumpets which eye a fragile sound constellation. Hammering, the first 18 minutes are of a heavy constancy on infernal rhythm. An atmospheric passage, with disconcerting syncretic resonances, weaves the movement towards a velvety final on groovy sequencer, impresses of subtle synth mellotron solos. Soft Phosphore Skyline soaks in an amber atmosphere. The psychedelic phosphoric breezes stir up the floating waves towards a heavy final, guided by a sequencer with ephemeral gallops. Just what it needs to re-animate the hot ashes of an intro froze in a gelatinized mobility which is drying on a beautiful piano movement. A sober and melodious final with a side of Brendan Pollard that is not enough exploit. Torque is boiling on a sterile spiral, where thousand vapours of a compressed eruption retain their breaths.
I just love Brendan Pollard’s music and style. I have an enormous respect for his musical approach. And Flux Echoes explains easily the reasons for this. It is a solid opus of EM that bubbles and bursts out of a rare intensity. The English synthesist shows clearly that pure analog can be combined to rhythms and twisted ebullitions, even in the darkest recesses of a music filled of psychedelic fragrances. Flux Echoes is the kind of opus that we will listen for years, like one listens to Stratosfear and Phaedra; with delightfulness, in spite of the years that are separating them. Along with the standard release there is also a limited edition promotional of 2 cd set with 2 bonus tracks showing that the gift of the author got out straight from his ears into ours. Just email Brendan to know if there are some left.

Sylvain Lupari (2007)
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