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BRENDAN POLLARD: Expansion (2005)

Brendan Pollard is a member of the English duet Rogue Element, the same which gave us the 2004’s master piece, Premonition. So it’s without surprises that he presents here a solo opus with divine sonorities of analog years. Expansion could be considered as a suite to Premonition that we won’t be surprised at all.
Solitary chords float in a dark atmosphere with mysterious lapping and sound effects resembling to cosmic cetacean. Choirs with monastic voices emerge from this artificial oblivion embellished by sounds from a flute. An idle bass line undulates with strength and resonance, beneath a delicate sequence and elusive synths. Tegula takes shape on reverberations coming from this bass sequence tinted of abyssal voices and superb synth solos. The track deviates in an atmospheric sphere where dark pulsations reflect on numerous sound effects that espouse a thousand and one forms. It’s under heteroclite noises, creating atmospheres bordering an electronic schizophrenia that Toxic Blue moves on. From flute to dark choirs, while passing by violin breezes, the mellotron floats in this iconoclast sphere where a soft floating passage succeed to touch us, right before the rise of the wind. A solitary cello takes back this softness on sad chords with cold metallic sonorities. Gently, preludes of a sequential impulse are drawing on a bass which hiccups towards a floating mellotron. The rhythm becomes lively on superb sequential snippets which twirl around resounding pulsations, accompanying a light synth and flute before overflowing on a furious sequence which rolls at high speed on a rhythm exploding of power. Another sequential passage is opening around the 16th minute point beneath mordant synth streaks. In staccato the rhythm rolls such as cascades on analog sound effects and a string chord mellotron, whirling with intensity that even a virginal flute can’t slow it down. A superb and totally insane passage! With Nebulous we are entering a sphere where sound effects mix with strange voices on vaporous mellotron passages. A track worthy of Pink Floyd psychedelic atmospheres, but with a very nowadays sound freshness. Valve first pleasures start as Nebulous finishes. But after a few seconds, a whirling sequence takes the lead with beautiful layers of an allured synth. The movement takes more depth when a bass line replaces the sequence and undulates with accentuated speed over a fluty mellotron. Aquarius encloses Expansion on a suave and melodious mellotron, which sails on a calm and idle water, like the sublime flute which comes to close the harmonies of Expansion.
With or without Rogue Element, Brendan Pollard exploits the analog structures of the 70’s, with his own personal touch. Beyond the mellotron passages, the English synthesist exploits a more daring sound environment, with more psychedelic and edged passages than Premonition. Writing a track like Toxic Blue alone shows an attractive audacity that could be suicidal, because only one movement in less, as in more, could have tip up this track in a total indifference. Idem for Tegula. But Brendan Pollard known how to arrange extremes with subtlety, creativity and emotionalism. Expansion is an album that we listen with the passion that it took to create it. And with headphones, the effect is unique.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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