lundi 22 novembre 2010

SYNTH.NL: OceanoGraphy (2009)

When the harmonies meet rhythmic complexities or when Jarre influences cross romantic arrangements of a dreamy Vangelis this gives OceanoGraphy; a very beautiful album that depicts pretty well the vision of the Dutch synthesist. For his 3rd opus Michel Van Osenbruggen is inspired by oceans and the survival fragility of its aquatic fauna. A work which wants to be a intra terrestrial hymn with a strange spatial fusion, supported by a certain rhythmic heaviness which has nothing to do with the grace of oceans.
Antartico opens on a very light touch. A beautiful track with a melodious theme which is near Vangelis style, where we can hear a magnificent felted and fluted mellotron pushed this great melody that is close to New Age territories with its very sensitive and hooking synth and keyboard. A soft track to melts the heart of the hardest ones. Balaenoptera (Rorqual of the Atlantic Ocean) is all in contrast and shapes marvelously the heavy movements of this graceful whale. A hiccoughing bassline hems on a synth which undulates in an oceanic background soundscapes. A fine keyboard strums soft chords before the bass becomes accessory of heaviness on a superb synth which drags an impressive sound mass in a quixotic amphibian world. A heavy track, quite as the mega weight Megaptera, which finds grace on a splendid hemming and coiling synth filled of kiss-curl laments. Loud and atonal, the intro of Atlantico rolls with an extreme gravity on a sea agitated of intertwined waves. A spiraled rhythmical, coated by mellotron choirs and by slamming percussions as well as a synth with ascending arpeggios, draw a musical structure that recalls great moments of Jarre in a halieutic carousel stuffed with heavy twisted solos. With its cosmic approach to thousand striations and analog effects that sound like shooting stars, Carcharodon crosses more the space than the abundance seas with a good melodramatic approach on a heavy bass structure.
Oceanography divides the opus into two, bringing a less heavy and more harmonious approach for tracks to follow. A charming synth lament is delighting of a beautiful synth with sighs of a faunistic submarine variety on a slow tempo torn between arpeggios which sparkle on a mellotron that shape tides movements. There is a beautiful artistic creativity on Tursiops where we hear dolphins sang and jumped on a rhythm broken by a beautiful synth with aquatic wave’s effects. After this sweet sea lullaby which is Indico, Chelonia moves with the elegance of marine tortoises on a slightly hatched cadence and girdled by a synth with solos to saxophones tinted of tropical flavor. With its notched tempo which hiccoughs on a synth with sweet melodious billows and heavy solos, Artico distances itself from quieter structures giving to ocean titles of OceanoGraphy. By far, it’s the liveliest track on this second half. Softer, Orcinus spouses a dreamy structure with a beautiful piano and a bass sequence which stutters under a synth very near the soil of Vangelis, quite as the melodious Pacifico who closes with the same harmonious approach as Antartico had made on the opening.
When an artist succeeds to sculpture his music so that we can visualize its story and\or message, we can easily affirm that his purpose is reached. OceanoGraphy of Michel Van Osenbruggen (Synth.NL) aims right in the target by offering a beautiful and tender poetic music with amazing rhythmic structures, sometimes heavy, slightly complex, but always melodious. A beautiful album that we taste eyes closed with soundscapes and sounding images which will certainly please the fans of Vangelis and Jarre, any areas include.


Sylvain Lupari
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