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SYNTH.NL: AtmoSphere (2008)

Michel van Osenbruggen (Synth. NL) 2nd album is inspired by atmosphere layers that encircle our planet. A little in the same vein as its 1st opus, AeroDynamics, the Dutch synthesist continues to forge energetic music with catchy rhythms. Atmosphere is offering a beautiful range with a touch closer to cloudy atmospheres than cosmic ones, as we found on AeroDynamics. A new kind of progressive synth pop with an approach that is quite heavier.
Troposphere is fomenting like a grain in space. A train comes from nowhere and releases heteroclite sound effects. The ambiance is cosmic, except for fine cymbals which initiate a more lively percussion play, in a cosmic sphere with mellotron choirs and light hazes. A syncopated sequence is melting agreeably in this space landscape, creating a sustained rhythm which girdles an active nebulosity. In one track, Synth.NL situates his music. Melodious and rhythmic, stuffed of heavy mellotron which gives the impression to slow down the tempo. Heavy and dilly-dally Troposphere, just like Cumulonimbus which seems to be his remix, rebounds in tympanums with an amazing sound richness. Atmosphere abounds of these titles with vaporous and climatic intros which lead to frank and vigorous rhythms, with a Jean Michel Jarre touch. Titles like Troposphere, Altocumulus, the excellent Altostratus and the very Jarrian Exosphere with his delightful violins, exploit chipped sequences on airy percussions and melodious synth. Intelligent and catchy cosmic candy there!
Stratosphere’s intro plunges us into a cosmic static broth which is animating softly on circular cymbals and a hiccupping sequence which surrounds a hardly rhythmic movement. Melodious, the synth floats wistfully whereas the title immerses in a black mood with, in background, the initial melody which floats more than was agitating. One of the more ambient tracks we find on this album, along with Thermosphere and Cirrostratus which always oscillate between the fragmented nebulosity and rhythms. Atmosphere is more elaborate. A soft rotary sequence with a mellotron choral insufflates a soft melody that curt strikes of percussions don’t manage to spoil. A good track, like the whole majority that are on Synth.NL 2nd opus, with a synth-pop to progressive touch as Mesosphere and its long synth solos and Nimbostratus with its dramatic cosmic approach.
If you like AeroDynamics, AtmosPhere won’t disappoint you. A strong album in rhythm and which brushes the roots of ambient EM doesn’t go unperceived. There is a strong Jarre influence, in particular on percussions and synth refrains which bite easily the ears. A good album for fans of synth pop with great percussion moves and well builds orchestrations.


Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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