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STEVE ROACH: Sight of Ages (2010)

It is known, an artist creates with the liking of his moods and imaginations. And us, who listen, are hearing witnesses of these moments sometimes intimates, and sometimes collectives, where the artist lives moments in life. And from times, an artist will create a masterpiece following a personal drama. Making of us the hearing, indiscreet witnesses of an unknown drama! Is this correct? Is this correct to fill our ears of an infinite tenderness or a passion following from an anonymous and personal drama? Yes! The artist weaves his creations with through his experiments of life and offers them to us with all his passion and devotion for his work. Thus to listen to it is the equivalent to be his confidant. His obscure and faraway friend who eats his emotions. Sigh of Ages is Steve Roach introspective fest. Released after 10 months of morning and night meditative thoughts, Sigh of Ages is a personal reflection on loneliness and sigh of time, ages and wear of a life.
Immobile behind slow flights of a dark and pensive synth, Quelling Place evolves with great strikes of wings from a nomad synth, drained by the weight of its wandering. A slow structure with heavy oscillations, Quelling Places floats with the grace of a nocturne solitude where melancholic sighs overhang a synth with dark minimalist loops which turn and turn with the heaviness of an insomniac dreamer. Lighter and merrier, The View from Here unrolls on fine loopy sequences which whisper and lurch mesmerizingly around heavy pads of a synth with slow modulations. A superb track which is not without pointing out the marvelous universe of Structures from Silence and Quiet Music. Here, like everywhere on Sigh of Ages, the movement is minimalist and ravels gently in a poetic and lyric universe where fine dark layers of a synth cross some more clearly and vivifying. A superb track that will bring you beyond dreams! Sentient Breath is a long atonal sigh where multiple synth layers intersect delicately in a long sound murmur. A night murmur where thoughts hatch in a head filled of regrets and bitterness. At the very least, it is what sticks the most to my perception. A long diurnal wandering which is throwing in the gleams of Morning of Ages and its natural grace which spouts out such a sunrise after a morose moon. The sound is always so floating. Synth strata which float and whirl delicately in a more vivified dawn, tending sighs of a roaming night, on a structure where the silence of angels can be hear with through a radiant and gracious synth. Some very good Roach!
After these 2 tracks to rhythm antipodes, Return of the Majestic offers a splendid lively structure with fine sequences which spin and undulate in loops among delicate layers of a synth as poetic as oniric. Percussions and sound effects unique to the world of Steve Roach are freeing from this long synth incantation, where this soft tumult brings a more aerated dimension to album stuff of sighs of ages and the repercussions of bitterness coming of it. A superb track whose soft rhythm shapes a strange static procession as bewitching as paralyzing, throwing a balsam on pains of time. Longing to Be… concluded this meditative masterpiece around heavy synth layers which are twisting slowly on a dark structure. An ambient structure which evolves on huge synth flights, such as big threatening birds which overfly in zigzag the intimacy of souls in perdition. Heavy, intriguing and dark, Longing to Be…drifts as a threat for introspection. As a monster in our wardrobe which has the keys of our spirituality.
After Live at the Grace Cathedral I wondered where Steve Roach could go in its quest for introspection. Sigh of Ages is not the answer, because it’s obvious that Roach is constantly tugged by his spirituality and the duality of his emotions. Sigh of Ages is rather revealing about this. At all events, I don’t do in psychoanalysis but in chronicles of EM. And Sigh of Ages is colossal and astonishing of introspective truth. An album extremely poignant and seizing, where the music of Steve Roach goes through the recesses of our own introspection. A sublime album which shows that the American synthesist doesn’t stop to charm and amaze with a music without movements, or almost, but filled with feelings as intense as our sighs of our ages. It’s been more than 30 years that Steve Roach is faithful to him and builds musical wonders which follow in Indian file with an astonishment unceasingly renewed. Thus, you will not be surprised if I wrote that Sigh of Ages is impossible to circumvent and a masterpiece to become for fans of ambient music and constructive daydreams which joined a long list of albums that have this unique signature of the Master of ambient. A great Chef-D'oeuvre and one of the top 5 this year, ambient and cadenced included with the strong I Remain from The Glimmer Room.


Sylvain Lupari
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