mardi 2 novembre 2010

KLAUS SCHULZE:Picture Music (1974)

Ouf! It has been a long time since I listening Picture Music. I had forgotten its impact on Schulze musical orientation. Because after the atonal, abstracts and tenebrous Irrlicht and Cyborg; Picture Music is the beginning of Schulze musical and electronic revolution. Without turning his back to his sounds explorations, Schulze concocts in Picture Music the first of his albums which combine experimentations and harmonies. A superb album which is remastered, with some sound failures, by Revisited Records which adds a track in bonus; C’est pas la Même Chose which is the very first version of Totem, with 10 additional minutes. Yes! This is a must for any Schulze fans.
A distance arid breath, emanating from a cosmos veiled of an ochre mist, opens delicately Totem. Fine percussions tambourine a tempo which quietly takes form on a breath of a wavy synth. A breath which is crossing layers of a synth divided by a hybrid musical structure, where the dubious tempo is dandling in a crystal fog. The rhythm is waddling as such a delicate Indian spectral shade on beautiful breaks of a synth with crossbreed breaths. Hypnotic, the movement is developing on discrete synth pads which are intersecting and from where emerge fine limpid notes which are rocking on a warm mellotron. The tempo gradually modifies its measure to accelerate its pace. Totem slides softly, behind splendid mellotron layers, streaks which sparkle such as electric jolts and drums a little more frenzied whereas synth throws soft twisted solos which are twisting around a structure as harmonious as eclectic.
Mental Door is more exploratory with an approach more progressive than electronic. A length intro with to organ fragrance draws a slow procession on eclectic background music. A fatty synth line livens up around Schulzian sound effects and Mental Door gets wild on good percussions and takes the shape of a great variegated prog rock. A little between ELP and Hawkwind! A long track, at the border of Krautrock and Berlin School where Schulze varies movements with excellent percussions, a good rhythmic base and a synth which swarms with analog sound effects so unique to the world of Schulze. Mental Door shows, out of any doubt, that Klaus Schulze has the sense of rhythm.
This SPV reissue is not perfect. There are gaps on the mastering level but it’s pleasant to hear Totem without crackling noises of an old vinyl album. Furthermore, it is Totem that makes the richness of this reissue with its very first version in C’est pas la Même Chose. More complete, but less warm Totem with a mono sonority that respects the anthology of an honest reissue. In addition, SPV booklets are all rich in information and comments that they are impossible to circumvent for all Schulze fans.

Sylvain Lupari
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