mardi 2 novembre 2010

KLAUS SCHULZE: Cyborg (1973)

We have to known how Cyborg was made to appreciate all the genius of Schulze. Without a cent and equipment, except the penny put aside an organ, a VC3synth and a Revox recorder machine, the young Schulze shows all his brilliance while triturating recordings of classical music to create the cosmic and atmospheric portion of Cyborg.
This strange musical adventure begins with Synphära, the infinite tenderness. On a very slow linear movement, with subtle variations in tones, the organ progresses in a sea of buzzes, long loopy or hatched beeps and a heavy ethereal wind. All the way Klaus Schulze maintains this claustrophobic environment where the organ moves in a spectral way in a disconcerting atmosphere. A superb track! It’s in a heteroclite tumult that Conphära begins; intense buzzes which are transformed into apocalyptic siren on a pulsating organ. Quietly chaos dies out to let free way to a spectral organ with bewitching undulations, whose pulsations resound like dull percussions. From his organ, Schulze pulls out beautiful dark and floating layers which accompany Conphära until its last pulsations where breaths of flutes, arches of violoncello alleviate their last torments.
Chromengel is a slow title where the Farfisa procession is solemn. Skin-tight, the movement is submerged of sound effects that sound so much like clouds of bats and chords from violin as well as cello strings on rhythmic oscillations from the VCS3. The atmosphere is dark and austere. Per moments I have the impression to be in demented corridors of Phantasm. The last minutes are drowned of synthetic wind and rain. Neuronengesang presents an atonal linear movement, crossed by rotary pulsations whose sound point emits sonorities of laser. Very dark synth layers are juxtaposed one on the other, creating an intensely static impetus, a little like Tangerine Dream’s Nebulous Dawn on Zeit.
Recorded in October 77, during the St Michel Cathedral concert in Brussels, But Beautiful is the bonus track from the SPV temastered edition and has the soul and nobility of the long improvised movements from Klaus Schulze. An atmospheric intro with sound effects à la Body Love and Mirage and a small alternative sequence flow under a floating synth pad. Subtleties in variations are always present and impose a floating tempo on delicate permutations. Schulze synth solos adorn But Beautiful before a heavier sequence shakes columns of the temple with a progressive heaviness on an unbridled beat. A superb track which groups together all the panoply of Schulze compositions at his glorious time.
A beautiful booklet, a beautiful presentation and beautiful music, this remastered edition of Cyborg is sublime. Me who had a delicate repulsion to listen this fresco for organ having the sinusitis, I was struck by the structural beauty of Synphära and Conphära. The complexity of Chromengel and Neuronengesang is astonishing, considering the time and its technology. In spite of the very dark and progressive character, Schulze succeeds in maintaining a harmonious interest in Cyborg. As for But Beautiful, how can’t we don’t like the passion surges of Schulze in77? Cyborg is a timeless masterpiece for ambient, syncretic and innovative music that has its place among great contemporary names like Steve Reich, Charlemagne Palestine, Philip Glass and John Adams.

Sylvain Lupari
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