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THE GLIMMER ROOM: I Remain (2010)

“I Remain is an awesome piece of deep, relaxing and dreaming ambient music. Period!”
1 I Remain Part One 3:48 
2 I Remain Part Two 6:57
3 I Remain Part Three 4:59
4 I Remain Part Four 9:42 
5 I Remain Part Five 1:40 
6 I Remain Part Six 3:07
7 I Remain Part Seven 2:20
8 I Remain Part Eight 1:15
9 I Remain Part Nine 8:09
A-Frame Media | A-Frame 12 (DDL/CD-r 41:57) ***** (Ambient EM)
 We know when an album will leave an indelible track on the soul. From the first listening, we feel spellbound and subtly captivated. Sounds! Sounds that go out in loops! Loops that size up, crisscross, overlap and entangled themselves in a latent and delicate musical maelstrom where fine strata of a melancholic synth and keyboard keys a bit misled sail with choirs, as cosmic as dreamlike, in a superb spatial crescendo. If the first listening seduces, the second enthralls and the third confirms that we will listen again and again this stunning symphony of stars segmented in 9 parts, but merge into one cosmic ode, that floods our cortex of a serene and pacifying soft balm.
A fine quixotic shower spreads out its droplets over the wings of a synth with swerving and melancholic slow strata. A beautiful synth line waves among remote refineries explosions, misled riffs and choirs which wander in harmony with a sparkling of arpeggios glittering below reflections of an astral light, such as dreamlike loops parading through stars. In spite of the movement’s sweetness from which waltzes scatter flutes, we already feel this dramatic crescendo that floats all around “I Remain”. "Part II" continues this soft dance of sparkling jangles under magnificent fragrances of a synth to oblong strata of which sounds cross time. The movement is sober, but charmingly hypnotic with its synth layers which embrace such as specters of a love lost in a magnificent dance of stars which tinkles around forsaken choirs and strange breaths coming out from a metal flute. This strange ball of light continues with the poetic "Part III" where the oblivion cosmic, or terrestrial, is being filling with delicate synth lines filled of cosmic dusts. Fine loops are forming, embracing this quietude phase where soft oscillations flourish among these celestial choruses and a fine line of bass which shapes the first rhythmic presence of “I Remain”. A line of bass which is spinning in crescendo and spiral towards the door of morphic goddesses. And then, "Part IV" the first sublimity! Since the beginning of “I Remain” we feel a latent rhythmic life imprisoned beneath the weight of heavy loops to paradoxical crossings. A somber and dramatic life which overflows here. But a complex rhythmic life, livened up by increasing rhythms. A unique crescendo consisted of droning loops and rolling percussions leading us towards a magnificent spatial bolero.
With a delicate cymbal which supports the loops movement that collide a synth fills of so always opaque layers, the rhythm is gaining timidly his assurance with a slightly syncopated approach and a heavy bass-drum pulsation. A fabulous dance of crystalline arpeggios follows. A lascivious astral dance which espouses slow morphic strata of a synth always so sad, freeing its small shimmering serpentines that cross the paths of “I Remain”, such as analogical sensors. Tempo found, “I Remain” continues its galactic procession with a strange military march supported by a synth to harbingers layers. Second sublimity; "Part VI"! With its strikes of percussions which adopts the dramatic march imposed by a sober synth with heavy oscillations, shaping a stunning paradox between the rhythm and the non-rhythm. A hitch dance which reaches a violent cortex paroxysm towards its finale. A finale of which warm ashes illuminate darkness pierced by the song of astral sirens, while quite delicately a piano cries its arpeggios beneath the fine rain of dried up clouds. A sublime musical world which defends its beauty, its tenderness and its delicacy with the so touching "Part VIII" and its melancholic piano which pierces the bitterness of cosmic choirs to ends towards the last sublimity of “I Remain”; "I Remain Part IX" who closes with a tremendous mellotron surge where strings waltz with our pain and where angels wind around this astral virginal. Oh… how much it is beautiful! Oh… how much this story at first so mat became the accomplice of my solitude! I Remain. Up, as sit, I remain stunned in front of so much synth beauty. Hat up to you Andy Condon, you remain the very last artist that touched me so deeply with such an impact with your imagination.
Sylvain Lupari (November 10th, 2010)
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