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THE GLIMMER ROOM: Home without the Journey (2008)

At the same time sad, melancholic and superbly poetic Home Without the Journey is a sublime complement to Grey Mirrors, released in 2004. An opus which had move us so much as well by the artistic intimacy of Andy Condon than the complexity of its emotions depicted in a meshing between poetry as paradisiacal as obscure.
The title track plunges us in the middle of this ambiguity by offering a gamut of heteroclite sound as soon as the opening. Water which waves in an ornithologist fauna shaken of long droning breezes, and some other panting, creating a dark introduction in spite of a soft mellotron with a solitary flute which sticks tight to a piano, also forsaken. Though melodious, sometimes orchestral, the intro of Home Without the Journey remains dark and sad. A synth nourishes this astral moroseness with weak oscillations which amplify an echotic and static rhythm. Beautiful loops circulate in this corridor which appears hermetic, before felted percussions propel the pace towards freer horizons, there where mermaids always surprise the hearing. Celestial chants truncated with raucous sound effects, Home Without The Journey takes its sequential flight in semi course with good rotary sequences, drowned in good synth solos. A heavy and extremely animated moment which dies out slowly in light metallic breaths and the beautiful vocalizes of galactic mermaids.
Carbon Statues offers an austere and ecclesiastic intro where bells of prayers are melting to a blackness monastery vocal. A floating and relaxing title to slinky emotions and striking melodious approaches, in particular this tiny swirl of small bells which undulates under a grinding mellotron and a vocal corridor which covers the words of Robert Oppenheimer. The fans of Michael Stearns will never be satisfied enough by this track.
Cool Blue And The Plough is the most living title of Home Without the Journey. A dark opening on metallic wind and an organ whose low pulsations are mislaid in undulations of a discrete synth bring a slow dark procession which becomes animated on a nervous keyboard in a static structure. Cool Blue And The Plough ends up hatching on minimalisms guitar loops which amalgamates with wonder on a silky choir and a light rhythm which slowly whirls in a melodious limpidity, making our spine shivers. Beautiful, romantic and superbly melodious, as the whole Home Without the Journey.

LABEL A-FRAME (A-Frame 10)

Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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