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GERT EMMENS: The Nearest Faraway Place Vol.2 (2009)

Here is the 2nd part of this trilogy to be complete, which took shape during the E-Day festival organized by Kees Aerts and Ron Boots from the EM Groove label. Faithful to what Gert Emmens produced for years, this 11th opus of the Dutch synthesist is filled with sequences with varied rhythms, synths with ingenious solos and hooking melodies as well as mellotrons with poignant arrangements. An album where the Berlin School style oscillates between the old and the new generation.
Divided into 7 parts quite as the Volume I, Part 8 starts things rather quickly. After a short cosmic intro, a sequence hopping with strength gives a constant tempo, enveloped by a mellotron which spreads its sweetness over a very lively cadence. Tinkled notes filter a sweet dreamy harmony, paving a new rhythmic direction. A rhythm forking under a fine synth with lyrical harmonies and a mellotron with sober choirs which flow into a syncretic ambiance. Slowly we cross towards the 9th part where a cosmic guitar offers its notes in a charming nebulosity with a Spanish voice to repetitive incantations. Gradually we are submerged by an aggressive sequence which moulds a heavy and hypnotic rhythm, supported by a keyboard which coils up to the tempo. A heavy tempo encircled by a mellotron choir and which bursts with electronic percussions sustained by good sinuous synth solos. A floating intro opens part10. Heavy cosmic vapours free a nervous sequence of which the staccato movement gives an echo resounding feeling which eases gradually, offering a hypnotic rhythmic structure drowned in a cosmic atmosphere with fine synth movements. But Gert Emmens doesn’t stray too long into minimalism spheres. At the 7th minute spot, the movement takes a tangent liven up on a more hatched rhythm and adorned by a suave mellotron choral. A finale of an unsuspected softness, guiding us towards the delicious rumba of Part 11.
A cosmic rumba with shimmering keys which flirt with a fine harmonious synth. The 12th part brings us back into an electro cosmic concept with a nebulous intro which engenders a sequence making its way through a heavy musical ambiance. Once again, Gert Emmens multiplies the sequential rhythms around a captivating mellotron, creating an unstable atmosphere under romantic harmonies. Part13 deploys a noisy and colourful intro which gives birth to a sequence à la Phaedra, wrapped by a mellotron with spectral breaths. Minimalism, the sequence accelerates the pace with kind of echoing percussion which jolts a soberly harmonious universe where a French voice is improvising words on a heavier rhythm and mellotron pads. A beautiful track imprints of a sentimental nostalgia, as a feeling of a lost love. Part14th begins with a din gleam before settling down on heavy circular reverberations which float in echoes into a sonorous oblivion. Slowly, a sequence blinks as the wings of a metallic dragonfly, before marrying the Emmens style which restructures the movement with diverse rhythmic directions under of big vaporous synth, creating a universe sometimes less inviting, sometimes more harmonious.
And so goes on the musical universe of Gert Emmens. Once again the Dutch synthesist amazes, even if we are used to his style, with an imaginary approach that we can live as nebulosity can always makes place to iridescent beauties. Another great piece of EM art!


Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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