lundi 15 novembre 2010

CONRAD SCHNITZLER:Rektifikation (2008)

The sound universe of Conrad Schnitzler is always as much structured of a sound richness which pushes back the limits of harmonies at borders of a fertile imagination in sound drawings. Conviction suite (Ricochet Dream RD014 in 2006), Rektifikation is, for me, a pleasant surprise. Lastly, I break through the Con mystery who presents a long track segmented in 17 parts where continuous rhythms and eclectic harmonies intermingle in a syncretism of sonorities always also avant-gardism.
Alternate Currents opens with a soft synth line with stereophonic echoes. Sonorities of arcades, Pac-Man style, besiege this intro which crawls now in a full sound mystery guided by a hypnotic clock. Alternate Currents ravels in a sound maze to thousands explorations, on a linear movement which goes beyond Zener Diode. Though the tempo is sclerosed in a prism with various composite sonorities, one feels a soft evolution on the level of the rhythmic structure which becomes more accentuated in the acid world of Mr.Thyristor. The percussions fall and roll into perfect a disharmony, whereas the initial structure grows rich with each title by an element either harmonious or variegated. The soft pads of fogs and streaks of a metallic synth which wrap Shunt Switch confirm the minimalism uniformity of a heteroclite movement which changes its color and its depth with each new title. So pulsations with fine resonances light Bahn Boarding, whereas the tangent of Rektifikation continues its daring mixing of sonorities of all kinds, like its scattered piano notes and hits of xylophones which intersect in the caustic universe of Breakdown Avalanche, modifying by the fact the structure of Rektifikation which forsakes its minimalist approach to sink in a din of percussions hammered with the frenzy of a stubborn automat under aggressive layers which blacken the soft madness of an oversize rhythm. The madness howls of its metalized strata in Spandau Fast Track which, curiously, declines the rhythm to penetrate a sphere where the noise is king and where the harmony has dissipated behind those unbridled strikes that prevail since Avalanche Breakdown and which continue to nourish the apocalyptic Ducks of Dawn which embraces the total madness of Con, until last breaths and metallic percussions movements of Pentograph To Catenary.
As incredible as that can appear, I liked the alienating strangeness of Rektifikation. Beyond noises and sounds as disparate as innovative, sounds unique and particular to Con ideas, Rektifikation continues his strange evolution split by avalanches of noises but recovered from time to time in a din which has equal only limits of Conrad Schnitzler. I do not really know all his works, but I heard several, and I believe that Rektifikation is the main door of the sound universe extremely more experimental than musical of Conrad Schnitzler.

Ricochet Dream RD035

Sylvain Lupari
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