lundi 15 novembre 2010

CONRAD SCHNITZLER:Conviction (2006)

Here we here at the doors of contemporary art. Near an extreme music where the melody has no grip on charm, even less on accessibility. Conviction is a heavy opus where the sound crystallization leaves indelible imprints on eardrums nevertheless well used to any sound invasion.
It is with the heaviness of industrial mechanical that opens Conviction. A heavy reverberation stuffed with pawing of metallic birds goes with a smashed up hammering in a strident sound panorama. Half beast half robot, Stealth Passage moves on anvils bangs on an increasing rhythm where metal is flirting with a strange android harmony, on rhythms as incongruous as dynamic. Some strident techno where a robot-like frantic pierces the wall of rhythms on a copulative way, without overturning into phasing incest. As a metallic spine stigmatized by a thousand and one tones and by so many cudgel knocks, Conviction espouses a structure with juxtaposed rhythms which find brief moments of tranquility, interrupted by an iconoclastic madness which is Conrad Schnitzer's panacea. Metal on metal, it rubs, it tears, as if the musical instinct was a pretext in an insipid sound stuffing. Yet, everything is held. Towards this cacophonous maze, we notice the progress of Conviction on elements of a jazzy sweetness, but rarely ethereal. The sound violence always starts again of the vigor to knock out the listener by the metallic heat which surrounds this abstract structure. Even the "ambient" moments, are tinged with a heldviolence which deprives any sentimental proportion of this work extremely magnetized by Schnitzer.
For those whom the twisted metal, on rhythms to harmonious antipodes, does not frighten, Conviction is quite indicated to you. For others, you will have understood that this umpteenth album of Mr Schnitzer passes by an enormous understanding of the abstract musical art.

Ricochet Dream RD014
Sylvain Lupari (2009)
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