jeudi 25 novembre 2010

AXESS:Chamaeleon (2003)

To hear the sound fauna and vocal effects of the intro eyes closed, the link with The Alien is automatically made. A superb hopping sequence, whose certain notes are disarranged, whirls with force and heaviness. A discrete pulsation supports this sequence, surrounded of sound streaks. The pulsation emerges more and more, with felted metallic percussions and a synth which flies over this intense and plentiful movement. The drum hammers an accentuated tempo on another melodious sequence which rolls in cascade on synths with floating pads and tuneful lines. Firmly anchor on its rhythm, The Alien forks on a softer passage, before taking again its animated sequence for finally dying out in the atmospheric stripes with extra terrestrial languages. With its pad pulsations and dark sound effects, Desire presents a lugubrious intro, à la Redshift style. Far away, we can hear pulsations approaching with a sequential line whose harmonies are stuck to pulsations which accelerate their tempos. Very melodious the sequence follows a minimalism tangent, turning on the same circle, which grows rich of superb serpentine notes on rich and dense violin string layers. The more Desire advances, the more the addition of sonority seems to modify its rhythm, whereas it becomes simply more harmonious with a superb subtlety in arpeggios, which give a deep enveloping melodious. Floating is a strange stationary maelstrom where synth notes and streaks whirl around this floating movement. If you are lucky enough to listened Floating on high volume, do it. It’s at this moment that it takes all its width and splendour, before bringing us in the atmospheric spheres of the title track, with its sound effects that enfold the floating synth pads.
Synth is soft and moves with a harmonious slowness through dark breaths. A sequence is forming and agitating on the vertical, freeing scatter synth strips in its axis rotation. Violin string layers encircle the implosion whereas a line of percussion tambourine a minimalism tempo. A superb synth throws itself in a synth eulogy that will nail your skin on the wall. The synth turns, spins and ripples on fluid and twisted impulsions. This is synth acrobatics that tears the hair from its root. WoW! This is a great synth move there. Around the 7th minute Chamaeleon pours in the space spheres where everything is in suspension. Streaks and grooves tear the horizon with tapered particles, whereas a synth movement is forming on breezes with tuneful instincts. A sequence, at horizontal this time, emerges by whirling, filtering short harmonious lines which follow the sequential rhythm. Some pulsations later, the sequence modifies its fluid tempo to be harpoon by dry percussions, techno kind, and a very beautiful synth refrain which modifies its course to take back the audacity of its consistent solos to close Chamaeleon.
Dark and heavy, the intro of The Sirius Mystery is completely... mysterious. With its slow movement that is wiggling on keys in cascade and percussions which mark an excited tempo. Nervous, the synth multiplies layers with various tonalities which surround this semi techno rhythm, slows down by violin string layers. On the second part, there is nothing to hold the rhythm which circles freely on nervous solos and keys. Dream Is Always A Dream closes Axess second solo opus on a more intimate and relax mood. On a suave tempo, the synth pushes melodious segments until the rhythm whirls more liberally, increasing its rate on string layers. A light swirl which become a marvellous synth ode and where the synth blows nostalgic harmonies which wrap us in the comfortable heat of a timeless ballade. A superb ending for an album that we would like endless.
I was very impress by Chamaeleon which contains some beautiful jewels. With his second solo album, Axess shows that harmonies, melodies can cohabit very well with random movements with multiple bounces. A very beautiful album which leaves instantly its sound imprint.


Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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