lundi 22 novembre 2010

AXESS: Voices of Dawm (2008)

A mixture of percussions and hopping arpeggios open this Axel Stupplich 4th solo opus. Slow synth modulations envelop Beyond the Stars intro which becomes more melody with its fine fluty line. Sequences become more mordant and the rhythm more nervous under soft synth layers, plunging the rhythm in a nostalgic broth. Because Voices of Dawn is an album imprints of nostalgia for Pyramid Peak fans and Axess first works. If Beyond the Stars verges the impetuous movements of a daring Jarre of the 70’s, Zeit plunges us in a nebulous blackness which awakes up gently under a felted synth with cosmic breaths and a sequence which whirls with more energy. Axess at his best, hypnotic and appealing, with superb solos of a striking synth and just enough tempo to floated in a spangled ocean. An excellent track on Voices of Dawn, just as The Return Of Nibiru with its whirling and cascade kind sequence that is molding with another, more hopping, forming a frenzied pace. A synth with loopy waves and discrete choirs smoulde this hiccoughing sequential fusion which is livens up with great percussions. From curt and hatched, flirting with techno, the synth becomes more harmonious and flows with a paradox of rhythms and melodies in a boosted ambiance whereas The Return Of Nibiru progresses on a tempo that goes more frantic, nourishing itself of a completely disorganized synthesized flood, but surprisingly creative. A boiling track that goes beyond the limit of a traditional Berlin School and that will rip off the paint of your walls.
After such aggressiveness Axess invites us in a more serene corridor with the melodious Roppongi Hills. A soft and sober track with a synth to strident melody, coupled with a more harmonious mellotron. A beautiful melody, à la Klangwelt style, which sticks to skin and a beautiful dessert for ears afire by the first 3 tracks. For me, Stonehenge is Voices of Dawn’s jewel. A black intro pierced of metal breezes which add a cosmic coldness to a movement more than nebulous, like some dark TD which slowly flies away under the hazes of a slinky synth with hardly audible vocals. A splendid sequence hems on the movement, creating a hypnotic effect which reaches its melodious paroxysm with a sequence in staccato which flows as cyclic loops in a harmonious and delicious maelstrom so suave to ears. Some great EM art we have here and one of the best tracks of 2008. Endless Dreams is indeed bringing us toward eternal dreams with its soft hypnotic sequence which runs like fine percussions, on a morphic synth. A floating track in the purest Berlin School tradition! Voices of Dawn concludes also on a floating movement with beautiful synth waves which hem in a heavy ambiance wrapped of creamy layers. Voices of Dawn slightly takes a languorous tangent with a line of bass that pulses feebly beneath fine percussions.
After a long silence of 3years, Axess returns in strength force with an opus impossible to avoid. In Voices of Dawn, he confirms his immense talent of composer and sound visionary with a superb mixture of retro Berlin School to a more contemporary one. A solid opus full of rhythms, musical abrupt changes and tenderness which reveals all the beauty and the subtlety of the EM art.


Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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