lundi 8 novembre 2010

AIR SCULPTURE: Burn (2008)

Recorded during the 2nd Hampshire Jam Festival in November 2002, Burn was a highly appreciated bootleg to circulate around EM circle whom really enjoy this stunning sequential frenzied. The evolution of Internet and download platforms makes of this recording an event available to all who missed, like me, this other great live improvised performance from the English trio.
A long continual track, divided in 4 sections, Burn opens with Stage I. Air Sculpture as I have a distance memory with a long and drawling dark intro. Sounds of old organs are coupling to a mellotron with discrete choirs and a synth with ghostly streaks. One would believe to hear the breaths of a saxophone lost in a cosmic maelstrom where the absence of movement is hardly remarkable, so much the sound depth is moving and dense. Sounds on sounds, in a pure atonal context where the experimentation is at the base of this intro, Stage I becomes animating curiously under crystalline arpeggios which are reflected into hoops glasses oscillating on a prismatic plate. These hoops which are colliding are not without recalling the brilliant and stratospheric universe of Eddie Jobson on the astonishing Theme of Secrets. Tinkling which are gobbling up in a static wall and refuses to evolved, preferring swallowed any sonority and to smothered in a serial psychedelic sphere, rather than to release it in a more musical environment. A heavy intro, odd and difficult to tamed with its high inert and noisy content. There certainly must have some jaws that gape with this overture, but it’s necessary to push the curiosity further because the best is yet to come.
Stage II continues the exploration of soporific ambiguities with strata as much slower, forming an opaque nebulosity which seems insuperable. Fine pulsations animate the movement which neighed under a synth with desert breaths. We enter in a psychedelic universe where electronic cawings of all kinds annoy this morphic peace, before transforming itself into a strange sequence which moulds a slow, but progressive, rhythm with clearer and cheerful sequences. A good moment filled of splendid solos which adorn a retro Berlin School sequenced minimalism structure. A structure which is becomes more nervous with its abundant and frantic sequences which accelerate a rhythm always seized by solos of a more edgy synth. Stage III spits fire with sequences which intersect to form an ambivalent rhythm, but always nervous. The multi rhythm universe of sequencers is spreading with an increasing subtlety and the fire is in the room with high sequenced voltage. A true lesson on the art of sequencing and its enormous rhythmic possibilities! This rhythm is hooking to a sound universe intensely creative which oscillates between the psychedelic one and the progressive one, always on the premises of a heavy and powerful electronic rock. An insane movement which extends until Stage IV and its circular structure which spouts a rhythm more insane than unrestrained in a fairylike dance of synths completely discordant, but simply divine. High electronic fiesta!
Air Sculpture’ Burn is a small jewel of explosive and savage EM that my ears almost miss to catch.Intense, frantic and ultra undisciplined, here is a superb album with musical antipodes in an abstract ambiance, available on downloadable format on Musiczeit. But I’m saying it straight….it is for ears that heard some of all kinds.

Sylvain Lupari (2008)
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