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VARIOUS: Ocean of Light (Best of AD Music Vol 1) DVD 2005 AD Music

AD Music is an English label that is specializing in releases of harmonious and rhythmic EM with a progressive touch and sometimes a relaxing mood, caressing paths of New Age. Founded in 1989, the label managed by Elaine and David Wright built a solid reputation around EM fans. Their productions are made of fresh air and free a comfortable perfume of lightness, freedom and imagination. Musical poetry on varied styles oscillating between Enigma’s melodious touch up to Mike Oldfield harmonious fascination. It’s on that label we find powerful and famous artists such as Robert Fox, David Wright and Code Indigo to name but a few. But there are others very promising artists that we don’t know so much about. I think in particular of Bekki Williams, Raviv Gazit, Enterphase, Kobolt and Callisto. Ocean of Light is an excellent way to discover them. It’s a compilation CD that includes 18 small pearls of softness, which flow with delight and harmony. Two unreleased tracks were added; Bekki Williams’ Sub Aqua of and Kobolt’ Ocean of Light a band formed by the two Massey brothers.
Ocean of Light is a soft collection which will give you the chance to discover astounding artists to complex dimensions, sometimes progressive, but always harmonious. Superb ballads like 24 AM, Beyond Paradise, Ultraviolet, Water Music, Stasis, We Rest and Postlude will bring you into the arms and caresses of Morpheus. If the relaxation is entire, I’m not guaranteed the sleep, cause arrangements and harsh sequencer have what it need to keep people awake. New Berlin School with rhythmic sequences on complex structures is also well represent with Ocean of Light, Queen of Hearts, In the Arms of Morpheus, And All Shall Be Well, Ovi, Elara and Snow Paths. And there are also titles a little harder, with heavy percussions and riffs A Certain Malaise, Code14 and astonishing Ovi de Raviv Gazit, an unknown artist to me who worth the try.
One year after the release of this CD, AD Music produces a DVD with the same compilation, adding 2 bonus titles; Iosphere from Callisto and Fading of Bekki Williams. The theme being water, the luminosity of the reflections on it, AD Music presents 20 titles, for nearly 90 minutes where the good music accompanies superb videos editing. One sees water in all its forms; flowing, dancing, tormenting, falling and bubbling on music totally moulds for it. The result is nice. It’s not the end of seas, but it’s certainly one of the good audio/DVD editing I saw.
Some beautiful music, on beautiful images, is what we can expect from the DVD Ocean of Light (Best of AD Music Vol.1). Give yourself a little gift and a little pleasure by following the running and starting your quest to discover AD Music talent. Let yourself rocks by the emotions that pours out of these music pieces and that reach you right where your soul is hiding.

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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