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TANGERINE DREAM: Timesquare – Dream Mixes II

If we had interrogations concerning the fact that who was the dominant figure of the artistic new approach of the Dream in the 90’s, this Timesquare-Dream Mixes II gives us the answer. According to the history of the Dream, Jerome Froese spent the summer of 97 to concoct this album which was planed to be a suite of The Dream Mixes issued 2 years earlier. But Jerome rather composed and released an album of Tangerine Dream, with only two remixes; Mobocaster and Towards the Evening Star. And all what’s left? Well, 5 impetuous tracks which explode on rhythms in constant permutations and which explain the musical origins of the Dream since 1992 (Rockoon) up to 1999 (Polaris Mars) and which, parsimoniously, are continued up until our days and maybe beyond. In fact the continuation of Tangerine Dream history bubbles in the hands of Jerome Froese. Timesquare-Dream Mixes II is superior to its predecessor. Jerome Froese has matured and offers a fresh diversity as well in the rhythms as the atmospheres.
Mobocaster is one of Timesquare2 remixes. It’s a new version of Twilight Brigade from 94’ Turn of the Tides CD. If the intro is mystical with its stifled percussions and layers of a misty synth, the extreme rhythm doesn’t wait to burst with a rollercoaster sequential approach. The tempo undulates with force and speed, accompanied by a dense universe of percussions which brush as well techno, with hammering drums, than dancefloor with a whirling syncopated rhythmic. On the other hand, Jerome brings balanced nuances to a rhythm which floats in various sieved atmospheres, respecting thus the harmonious musical approach of Twilight Brigade with the acoustic guitar, which collapses under a cloud of synthesized effects and an avalanche of percussions. After an ethereal intro, Jungle Jacula wakes up with a structure encircled of a movement build on a stamping bass and a sequencer with ascending and syncopated lines. The rhythm is flexible and strikes tenderly under beautiful synthesized strias which whistle around lamentations of an unknown voice. The beat changes. It permutes towards an Oriental softness with beautiful percussions and synth pads which hoot beneath sound effects that pierce towards another rhythmic variation. Throughout Timesquare, Jerome is hyperactive and decompartmentalizes his cadences to offering a rhythmic diversity which amazes with through various sound effects. On this level the intro of Towards the Evening Star is just splendid. Percussions! A world of heteroclite percussions which outline an elusive cadence under laments of a corrosive synth, whereas the keyboard tenderly takes again the melodious notes of the original version. Obviously, Jerome cannot remain as much charmer and dreamer. So Towards the Evening Star takes a groovy turn with a good undulating bass line and solids percussions which hammer a beat constantly challenged to change its orientation, around great layers of a hybrid synth which are not without pointing out the universe of the old Dream. This constant permutation of rhythms and these layers of a nostalgic synth make of Towards the Evening Star a remix which amply exceeds the musical range of carbon copy. Digital Sister offers these same rhythmic permutations, except that the title becomes more rock and punchier with its frenzied percussions which bombard nervously a structure a bit slow compared to drum strikes. We can guess that Jerome had a hell of a time there! Pixel Pirates offers an odd intro where layers of synth howl in a syncretic universe. A bubbling universe of sounds and disparate voices before that a heavy encircled rhythm comes to drag all those disparate sonorities to mold an excellent track where the syncretic approach is constantly present on rhythmic structures so much varied as the melodies which cross them. Heavy and syncopated rhythm, voices with Oriental fragrances, keyboards which perspire the Dream at full notes, clever sound effects and crystal keys which hammer an insane rhythmic are as many elements which pullulate the complex, but harmonious, universe of Pixel Pirates. Another good track on Timesquare- Dream Mix II! By listening to Cupa Levis attentively, we have the feeling of hearing all the musical evolution of Tangerine Dream since its association with sonny Froese in 1992. A long track offering a cadence that gallops on various rhythmic tangents of the Dream, with subtle variations, since Rockoon. Tangents seasoned of beautiful percussions as well as beautiful sound effects and vocal which are coated with these synths and keyboards that became out of deep and colors… since Rockoon. A synth whistling among tinted sound effects of a watery fog opens the ethereal intro of Timesquare. Scattered keyboard notes trace a delicate melodious bit whereas percussions shape a slow bewitching rhythmic. Timesquare bubbles in an intro which weighs down with heavy riffs of an abstracted guitar, whereas that all gently the rhythm became heavy wraps the melody which spouts out of one synth with t liberator layers. Preserving its melody and its suave rhythm, Timesquare evolves with through many rhythms and atmospheres, tracing one of the beautiful rhythmic melodies that Tangerine Dream lay down since Legend. A superb piece which concludes a stunning album where Jerome Froese ended up to charmed a resistant to the Dream new orientation.

 TDI009CD (1997)

Sylvain Lupari
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