samedi 30 octobre 2010

STEVE ROACH: Afterlight (2009)

The 2009 year will have been one of the soft stillness for our favorite American synthesist.Without broken anything or even caressed sound barriers Steve Roach will have released 4 albums of an absolute quietness, if we make exception of soft tribal rhythms from Destination Beyond. In fact, Afterlight floats within the limits of paranormal psychic, staying far from encroached on the wise spiritual paths of the Immersion series.
As a sound mist which blows towards crystalline stigmas of a forgotten world in an obsessive torment, Afterlight flows with a synth sweetness which recalls strangely superb exhilarating strata of Structures from Silence.Long epic title of 74 minutes, Afterlight undulates subtly under a sea of synth layers. Mi crystalline and mi spectral, strata are shaping to various psychedelic artifacts that the magic of closed eyes can create throughout this long cosmic journey. And this is what characterizes Afterlight from the Immersion series. The album bubbles of a mysteriously quiet life, but strangely livened up by numerous undulations of a synth as serene as melodious which intermingles its strata of diverse sound variances, going from dark passages to sharply more intense passages. This way, Afterlight becomes a peaceful musical journey stuffed of slow and multiple oscillations which glean sonority to limpid paradoxes, as if shadows were squabbling the brightness, both in tints and in forms.
For the umpteenth time, Steve Roach thwarts the placid rectitude of these long astral sound journeys. Afterlight boils of an intense life imprinted of a poetic serenity, so much the intimate vibrations are moving and poignant. A beautiful album, quiet certainly, but fed by magnificent synth strata livened up by an ethereal life, as soft dream that we shape during depressing periods. Beautiful and good, it is redirects me towards Structures from Silence of which I should write about all of its majestuosity….one of those days.

Timeroom Edition TM 21 (2009)

Sylvain Lupari
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