vendredi 22 octobre 2010

RUDY ADRIAN: Distant Stars (2010)

Here is some fine ambient and floating music! Far from his tribal inspirations, Rudy Adrian plunged in the deepest of himself to offers an album with very introspective emotions in order to make us travel among stellar stars and other constellations on a musical background rich in subtle modulations. Distant Stars is a slow astral symphony where the New-Zealand synthesist moulds his emotions through dense synthesized and mellotroned layers where sidereal choruses, sidereal breaths and movements with heavy metallic drones border Steve Roach and Michael Stearns superb impulses.
A distance cosmic breath opens Distant Stars introduction. A wind shaped in galactic semi-darkness which is propelled by a synth with dark and sober layers. Just like what’s going on over this Rudy Adrian 13th opus, Distant Stars proposes a slow astral journey where movements are carved in the oblong modulations of a synth which mixes superbly well drifting hypnotic pads and choirs. Far from being monotonous, the intro of Distant Stars is punctuated of soft shimmered notes which scintillate in a cosmic gravity. A little as if one could hear stars. Fine modulations deflect the course of layers which float and thread among scintillating notes and dark breaths, sometimes struck by fine explosions plunging Distant Stars in a culminating cinematographic atmosphere peak. Around the 9th minute, becomes more limpid but still remains atonic. Synth layers are clearer and release a less anxious ambiance, spreading out a 2nd part which reflects a painfully started galactic voyage. Certainly, emotional orchestrations are pointed here and there surrounding the eponym title in a constant duality emotive which reaches its paroxysm with powerful layers of a synth howling its fright of the unknown in a delicious musical perfume which points out the ultimate work of a musical cosmic voyage; Michael Stearns’ Chronos. Trajectory is quite as heavy as the introductory track. A long atonal track, where synth pads float in a syncretic cosmic universe of which fright accompanies the unexplored. A synth which releases a linear movement crossed of subtle modulations, as much as sound level than on the impulsion of its structure. A structure soaked with metallic sonorities which draw the moving of a space shuttle roaming to seek for a new earth. Le Songe Du Singe bathes in the same ambient atmospheres as the first 2 tracks of Distant Stars, except that the movement waltzes with kindness in a nascent luminosity. A sound effervescence which divides the nebulosity of this intensely dark album, even if it’s a cosmic one. Synth impetuous waltz in harmony with layers of a mellotron flooded of oniric and poetic sources as well as liberator choirs. A superb piece of ambient music where emotions are feeling and living sensitively.
Voyage Through Darkness is a dark cosmic litany where synth layers bubble and drone in the borders of a syncretic universe which releases an astonishing perfume of paranoia with its multiple layers which tangle up in a strange atonic waltz where only imaginations can draw their structures. A long track which contains superb musical winks to Steve Roach complex ambient universe and where the beauty explodes with superb mellotron flutes which accompany a movement became more limpid and superbly more ethereal. Still there, Rudy Adrian fascine by its way of getting his modulations out of dark ponds that he’s weaving on each introduction. Soft honeyed Netherworlds floats in a poetic musical universe which is in contrast with the heaviness of the first 4 tracks. In fact, one could advance that Netherworlds and Entering The Temple Of Haruka Kawagishi are the rest of the storm which surrounds the lugubrity of this astral voyage fill of intense synthesized sonorities. Much far from stars and nearer the Earth, these 2 tracks involve us in the delicious tribal world of Rudy Adrian. He of which is the only one to draw all its musical canvas.
Distant Stars is a powerful atmospheric album which undoubtedly please fans of ambient, floating and cosmic music. A superb album where Rudy Arian’ emotions abound in a universe bubbling of syncretism and atmospheric dualities, even if cosmos is oblivion of coldness and fright. Strong feelings quite well shored up on a good structured album, like a long departure towards the unknown of interstellar spaces.


Sylvain Lupari
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