jeudi 7 octobre 2010

RAMSAYGEE: Exotique (2009)

Here is a nice discovering from AD Music catalog. Born in South Africa, Gareth Ramsay tallies with wonder to David Wright's label musical philosophy with a world music which oscillates between borders of EM and New Age, brushing even a jazzy approach. Available as a download format on AD Music site, Exotic is Ramsay2nd opus. An album with varied rhythms where the tribal approach crosses soft harmonies to fragmented cadences and tugged between soft romantic approaches, inspired by beautiful piano and guitar à la Mike Oldfield and Edgar Froese specters. A nice surprise that will please those who appreciate Paul Haslinger’s incursions in the Middle East tribal world.
Eastronica opens Exotique with a rippling and intriguing intro which permutes in a soft tribal trance with Middle East flutes tones synth, as well as the latent tribal percussions which collide on a beautiful serpentine line of bass. Slowly, Ramsaygee immerses us of an exotic flavor with louder percussions, a synth to subdivided oriental harmonies and a throbbing rhythm of Baladi dance that charms in a mi spectral ambiance. The synth is tinny and borrows various sonorous waves, creating one of Exotique several charms. Sentinel of the Sea is a soft electro -pop where fine voices are entangling with synth breaths, establishing a path imprints of mystery. A beautiful track which recalls me the music of Walter Christian Rothe on Let the Night Last Forever. Soar is out of tune from Exotique tribal mood by offering a soft tempo where an acoustic guitar crosses surges of an electric guitar and notes of a forsaken piano which fly over brief rolling percussion sequences. After the Storm is another great surprise on this opus. The tempo is fractured by slamming percussions and a synth with a very catchy refrain. A music piece near Mike Oldfield mood with its harmonious approach builds on catchy synths and percussions with metallic tremolo. Origin is a more tribal trance with good frenzy Tablas percussions sounding pretty well like jungle noises which roll on a good line of bass and a synth to melodious variances getting closer of After the Storm, but with foggier strata and spectral breaths. With a bass to deep keys and a jazzy piano, El Cielo Chispeante is constantly tugged between a soft pace and a soft romantic ambiance with a beautiful Spanish guitar. A mix of Patrick O' Hearn and Al Di Meola!
Gardenias and Myrrh offers a soft melancholic intro initiated by a piano which borrows the paths of a beautiful ballad of New Age style, surrounded by soft Tablas percussions. Slowly the tempo wakes up and becomes a little heavier without altering the piano melancholy which dodges its notes among Arabic flutes. This New Age side is also presents on Soul Friend but with a tinny synth instead of a piano and a soft electric guitar with vaporous solos, as well as on Walking Within and its similar piano approach, but of which rhythms are more constant and torn. A musical piece which is very near the African soil! Tatsu Dansu (Dragon Dance) is another title with a tribal approach, but a bit more eclectic, which amazes by its great rumbling percussions feeding an audacious hatched cadence. A rhythmic wrapped of an oriental spectral approach. Fire in your Eyes embraces a split tribal tempo where the lascivious rhythmic approach goes alongside a slightly ambient musical universe with flutes and percussions of an Arabic world. World Peace concludes this rosary of 12 titles on a throbbing rhythm and a musical structure near Oldfield with beautiful vocalizes which are molding to a tinny synth.
Ramsaygee’s Exotique is a nice album filled of small musical surprises that charm and amaze. A beautiful blend of styles, which flows softly and harmoniously on great lively tribal rhythms. I do believe it’s a good album that will charm fans of a world music packed of multiple electronic fragrances.

Sylvain Lupari
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