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INDRA:Signs 2005

One of Indra’s strength is diversity. The Rumanian synthesist isn’t afraid of evolving in his artistic mode. From retro Berlin School with deep ambient moods while passing by New Berlin School, his opuses are as much astounding as puzzling at first earings. And there is always a little something that pushes us to listen to these again and again. Signs is full with these small some things. A colossal CD that astonishes by the plurality of its kinds!
All in echo Atlas on Stage fascinates us with its fine sequential line, its suave beat and its percussions filled of analog flavors. Synth keys are entangling in echo and start a hypnotic walk on an orchestral background. Whereas movements with colors of string sections twist with languor, Atlas on Stage espouses a line that spins, turns and whirls while retreating into one shelf. A great track that hooks instantaneously! The table is put for Signs. An album with various sonorities which proposes light and melodious tracks which oscillates between a light techno, a timid New Age and some good Berlin School sequential lines. Indra is the master of its kingdom and exploits his notes and pulsations in spiral, giving an amazing depth to its compositions. If Saltimbanc is bordering New Age with its pianoting synth and its light rhythm, Ariel is a deeper title. A soft synth blows on a hesitant sequencer, forming a canvas full of echo. The tempo is slow and is swinging on drawling percussions and silky Tablas. With The Bride is Happy it is time to stamp on foot. The approach is quite techno with its snap beat and heavy chords, a little à la Depeche Mode. Sheik’s Dream is another lucky find. On a hesitant line, shaped out of a sensual bass, a synth is escaping to free great chords of Asian savors accordion. The synth fuses superb solos, which are spread by echo, hook on solids percussions. A superb title which evolves on a genial passage, where percussions and synth cause an eddy which intensifies the pace. One of Indra’s great tracks! Quick Movement proposes a whirling Berlin School sequential line. Without being hypnotic, the beat spins around galloping percussions and disordered notes which espouse melodious movements. To Jenna has a soft Jarre techno beat which whirls around a melodious synth and analog sound effects that marked Jarre first works. Another great track as much melodious than lively. More poised The Monk emerges from atmospheric raucous noises and embraces a fine Berlin School hypnotic sequential line. The beat charms and astonishes with its tribal effects lines. Next Future strikes with its huge percussions. The rhythm is static and is lulling on a continued line supported by a synth fabulously disordered approaching Schulze style. In midway the tempo breaks and becomes more animated with very good synth solos and wild percussions. Yet, another very strong track out of Signs! Telos encloses Signs on an ambient note. Synth cries among short sound effects. Does it cries or mutters? It does not matter. It’s totally melancholic and has a softness which only equals its beauty.
Signs is one of the great CD of 2005 regarding EM. Indra embraces all kinds of EM with more facility than he controls his multiple synths. It’s an extremely harmonious opus that we listen to it from start to end without seeing time passed by. Not even a single note lost nor of artistic wasting. Fifty-five minutes well served that worth amply the money spent!

Sylvain Lupari (2005)
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