jeudi 14 octobre 2010

INDRA: The Pyramid Concert

Presented in Rodvig, Denmark on July 28th, 2008 The Pyramid Concert is a whole musical event during which Indra invited his fans in a surrealist decoration; a floating pyramid made of wood which sails on the Baltic Sea. A show high in color where the Rumanian synthesist shows all of his knowledge with an inspired and inspiring music, where hybrid rhythms border this suave musical poetry which oscillates between cosmic and angelic breaths.
It’s on a musical background of metalized mist where marginal gongs resound among singings of big surrealist locusts which starts The Ruler. Indra’s musicality deploys as only him knows how to settle it with jerky tablas percussions and cymbals to felted breaths that accompany a sequence with wriggling pulsations and clinging bends, insufflating a soft rhythmic waving of a fine line of bass. A keyboard with nervous chords flies over this soft hypnotic trance of which tinkled percussions scent of a starry sound, shaping this movement of continual jolts and striking stereo effects which ally frantic rhythm to a more serene passage under the veils of a soft mellotron as mesmerizing as captivating. Like alarms of a liner announcing its departure, King Warrior advances heavily before falling into frenzied percussions under a sonorous sky gaudy of synth solos which roar under slow echotic pulsations. An astonishing mellotron lesson follows which spits its unbridled orchestrations beneath percussions which slam in a symmetric disorder. A fiery musical piece, that has its serene passage, and of which the stunning grows on each orchestral impetus of a wild mellotron which shears its arrangements with a dexterity that Indra succeeds to combine to hooking harmonies. By far the most accessible track on The Pyramid Concert, which ends into soft ethereal hazes recalling the oceanic world of Jarre on Magnetic Fields.
A finale which throws into the somber reverberations of Reclusion opening, one of the darkest and most powerful title I heard in EM. A dark intro where apocalyptic bells resound in an abyssal heaviness filled of lugubrious, sinister and angelic voices which recite a mysterious ode in spiritual language. Behind this vocal pattern draw round a heavy hopping bass à la Pink Floyd on One of These Days and a synth which tears this misty opaqueness of long plaintive solos. A drum hammers this spasmodic rhythmic by inserting a bass pulsation which follows the heart palpitations of a mephistophelic choir under streak of a synth with caustic solos. As loud as stunning, it’s a magnificent mixture of dark and heavy on angelic discord. Listened it at high volume to seize its entire dimension, but paint can easily be ripped out of your walls. Synthesized hooting pierce the astral cloudiness of Tiamat Response, a shorter version of Tiamat which we find on Bhuvaneshvari and which Indra preserves frenzies approach of sequenced pulsations which are shaping melodious snippets on a synthesized background at once astral and biting. Conceived beneath spontaneous inspiration, The Dreamer is in the purest poetic tradition of Indra. A soft wadding intro where a mellotron floats among heterogeneous tones, preparing the approach of a hatched rhythm where chords from a hesitating keyboards cross a soft pace eaten away by colorful tones and embellished by pleasant ethereal vocalizes.
And the story repeats; album after album, Indra doesn’t stop amazing and seducing with its music with rhythms stuffed of strange Indian aromas and with mesmerizing spiritual embraces. The Pyramid Concert does not really make an exception of what the Rumanian synthesist offers us with its Trantic Edition series. It is a very beautiful album where Indra spirituality transcends the musical borders with an audacious approach where various melodies, so much trances than meditative, always eventually end where we expect it least.

Sylvain Lupari
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