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INDRA: The Challenge (2006)

After two solids Berlin School style opus, The Call of Shiva Vol.1 and Vol. 2, Indra presents us another facet of his immense talent; The Challenge an aggressive album on explosive rhythms that doesn’t have anything in common with the usual EM. A muscled album with brilliant and furious sequences, leaving small room to harmonies and melodies. A sound experience out of that we don’t hear every day in EM domain.
One by one, keys fall with a perfect symmetry leaving in their wakes an echo wave on which a synth whistles Rudyan mysterious air. Tablas percussions collide finely before feeding this strange sequential hymn with constant strikes, like an incantatory dance. Synth with spectral breaths floats on this linear movement where the piano resounds among intriguing choirs which inaudible incantations stammer. Rudyan the mysterious is getting out of breathe and leaves in the echo of its waves. We could believe, without really being wrong, that Crossed Memories is a remix of Kraftwerk’s Man Machine. Rhythm is less robot-like, more melodious and encircles by beautiful synth layers with a more warmth tonality.
Intermission has a rhythm hammered by heavy percussions on a cold tempo, à la Kraftwerk. Percussions, percussions and yet other percussions on a robot-like sequence and very Kraftwerkian sound effects. At high volume the sound experiment is ultimate. A nervous line ravels at high spiral speed, on explosive percussions, like those on Prodigy’s Their Law. About Seven has a reckless rhythm on synths with Middle-East layers and a hyper nervous sequencer. A cavernous breath which is transforming into a howl of wolf emerges from oblivion, filtering indigenous raucous voices. A big drone stimulates Dreaming the Universe which takes its rhythm on striking percussions which strike slowly in a heavy atmosphere. Droning breathes on tribal percussions overload this track of a schizophrenic fever, so much the sound decor is tinted of an alienating madness.
With The End of the Childhood we are entering in a lees nervous atmosphere where a fine melodious sequence, forged of limpid notes, whirls on an atmospheric background. A 2nd sequence is adding to form a cloud of crystalline and syncopated keys which fly on soft stationary layers, soaked of heteroclite sound effects. With Serenade in Due we enter further more into the little twisted universe of The Challenge. Mooing decorate the environment of sound effects as frivolous as the lightness of the rhythm. Like a Pop band, Serenade in Due is balancing on a groovy line with good drums, good bass and a sliding synth with progressive effects. Voices encircle the empty ambiance of Fantasia. Sound effects whirl among these circular voices stiffed by obscure Middle-East breaths. Hard to start, Fantasia is nailed by a heaviness that rotary percussions try to release. A light flute emerges from it, captive of a static movement with weak turbulences. A sustained droning form an unexpected sequence, making slightly undulates a track that recalls the first works of Schulze on Picture Music and Timewind. The Soldier's Requiem, presents an experimental closing on a superb enveloping synth which minimizes the abstraction of the musical kinds which intermingle on an Arabian mixture.
The Challenge is all, except ordinary. It is a musical journey that goes to the bottom of our imagination. There where Indra provided all elements to modulate this voyage, according to perceptions that we draw. If the first part is superbly melodious, all what follows Dreaming the Universe comes from a soft creative madness which draws its idea in the shade of our perceptions.

Eagle Music EMCD001/2006

Sylvain Lupari (2006)
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