mercredi 13 octobre 2010

CREATE: Words Just Get In The Way

Create has the gift to take the listener in a journey through meanders of time and cosmic sound elements which constitute its musical fauna as diversified as its influences. From dark cosmic and psychedelic ambient of a musical universe in perdition to ephemeral and sometimes savages rhythms, Words Just Get in the Way is a disconcerting amalgamation of a music that still has superb phases to explore. Phases that Stephen Humphries doesn’t hesitate to take by storm with the determination of first explorers.
The Obsidian Eye is the first of 3 long tracks that fill the sound universe of Words Just Get in the Way where fragmented rhythms are isolated in slow cosmic and morphic approaches. A warm synth pierces galactic stammering of its intro to waltz tenderly in a cosmos filled of multiple sound signals. Delicate percussions are grafting and drum candidly on a soft rhythmic visited by heavy chords agreements to briefs sinister harmonies. Slow layers of an ethereal mellotron surround this first portion of a split up tempo, immersing The Obsidian Eye in a long musical carrousel where everything is in suspension. Sequential movements, as isolated as divided rhythms, abound in an asymmetric fluctuation among oblong atmospheric passages surrounded by a synth with caustic cosmic sonorities and of a tender mellotron to padded layers and chthonian choruses. But when cadences are born, they are sometimes violent, sometimes deliciously hypnotic, and explode in a universe besieged of a caustic and apocalyptic synth fills of superb tinny solos, unique to Create sound world. Closer Than You Think offers a soft atmospheric intro where slow layers of a morphic synth are bitten with acuity by the very Floydian guitar of Hashtronaut’s own Mike Daniel. Slow caustic reverberations surround this oniric approach where the tempo takes shape with through a mellotroned silk which waltz on increasing pulsations and a synth drawing splendid loops to encircling echoes. Hypnotic and minimalism cadenced pulsations of Closer Than You Think evolve slowly, under the weight of a synth and a guitar which exchange solos and rhythmic chords on a structure which crosses at the end of its course a superb sequence with limpid tinkling before concluding in atmospheric pads of its introduction. Slave to the Groove begins slowly. Slow resounding and twisted layers soak a musical nothingness which quietly takes form on pulsations moving stealthily beneath loud resonances of a caustic synth. The pulsatory rhythm is accentuating around a nice misty mellotron, whereas an undulating sequence adds to it a hybrid cadenced rhythm which evolves under loops of one synth with rippling solos.
Electronic, syncretic and caustic, Words Just Get in the Way crosses multiple sound galaxies in order to offer a solid EM album which moves away from the usual paths of Berlin School. Always influenced by Air Sculpture atmospheric ambiances, Stephen Humphries continuous to develop a musical world which is proper to him. A universe not always easy to tame and where musical creativity evolves among various oscillations as much hybrid as near of its fugacious melodious passages.
Year of release: 2009
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Sylvain Lupari
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