mardi 5 octobre 2010


Cadenced Haven is an artist born in Bangladesh that Gert Emmens discovered and taken under his wing while recording The Nearest Faraway Place Vol.3. Besides she played synths on Conclusion and since then, they worked in close collaboration in order to polish Laila Quaraishi’s first CD: Peregrination. In fact, 5 of the 9 titles that build Peregrination are the fruit of this artistic collaboration, giving to Peregrination a strange artistic signature where the fascinating world of the Dutch synthesist is melted admirably well with Cadenced Haven’s own.
Fine slightly metallic percussions delicately hammer the padded and misty intro of Devoted Loss. Feminine voices are joining and groan under discrete sinuous layers of a vaporous synth which embraces a phase as celestial as spiritual. Devoted Loss offers a very ethereal intro which quietly leaves its morphic trance under irregular pulsations, vaguely reminding the sequential universe of Gert Emmens. The rhythm is finally revealed. Delicate, it pulsates on beautiful sequences with hypnotic wobbling and keyboard keys which hop in a tender musical universe. A universe where everything seems fragile. As much as these soft layers of a symphonic synth, whose solos are shape in silk, than these sequences which draw rhythmic imprints of tenderness. A cosmic softness wrapped of oniric vocalizes which fit to perfection this hybrid pace where the rhythm sways in a celestial ambiance. An ambiance rushed by a final of which hammering rhythms come and go in a soft chaos of rhythmic rebellion flavors. This final to tergiversating tempos gives the kickoff to an album where rhythms are in constant duality. Following resounding NASA voices, metallic percussions à la Jarre style on Calypso fall with crash. Confronting Conscience leads then to a cosmic intro where space voices intermingle with human voices tinted with anguish. Witness of the scene, a synth moulds long sinuous layers which undulate under fine pulsations. And bang! The percussions fall with crash, drawing a heavy and slow tempo imprisoned of a synth whose slow layers undulate and interlace on harsh and noisy strikes which hammer a constant tempo. Loud and sinuous on hammered rhythm! All the opposite of Catalysis and its infernal tempo which rests on a good line of bass and sequences which palpitate under layers of a syncretic synth and from Atmosphere Of Amalgamation whose heavy pulsations follow each others at high speed and a synth with enormous endless sinuosity. More experimental than purely electronic, Atmosphere of Amalgamation is the rhythmic equivalent of a series of minimalist pulsations that overlap the rails of a train rolling at high speed, under the slow deployments of heavy cumulus. Reversion to the Unborn is the very first title where we are alone with Cadenced Haven. After an atmospheric intro where fine Tablas percussions mold an impressive tempo in a heteroclite sound universe, a slow synthesized layer opens a new gate where the rhythm is more lively. A tempo supported by good percussions and wrapped with great mellotron synth pads where choirs and flutes intermingle to offer a soft melody which floats above a solid rhythm.
Path to Phenomenon offers a strange cadenced structure where sequences palpitate and hem at high speed, a little as on Atmosphere of Amalgamation, with a quasi atonal movement. A long series of pulsations divided by passages of synths with symphonic strata, piano notes and ethereal vocalizes which sing of key in this musical universe still so bubbling of wriggly sequences. Virtual Reality plunges us again in this rhythms duality that animates the musical universe of Cadenced Haven. The 1st part offers an ambient and floating movement where strata of a morphic synth are getting lost into strange stuffed voices. Symphonic, synth spits briefs mislaid solos, whereas percussions force the tempo. A beat which is holding lasciviously on solids percussions and synth with languorous layers which pierce a structure always sit down between two tempos. The Silent Visit is a superb title which requires more than one listening. After a good atmospheric and landscape intro, sequences flicker on the spot, such of dragonflies wings, molding an inanimate rhythm, but quite real, which takes life on good percussions. Dynamic percussions that ravel under a synth to sober layers and syncretic streaks. Some great sci-fi in music where chaotic anarchic rhythm reigns in a sumptuous electronic atmosphere! Those who liked the strange world of Clara Mondshine will just love this. Conclusion is similar to the Conclusion of Gert Emmens CD’s; The Nearest Faraway Place Vol.3. The very first title where Gert met his Muse.
Peregrination is as attractive as melodious! Certainly, the 5 titles with Gert Emmens skew the facts. On the other hand, on each one of these titles, one feels pretty well the Haven touch. An approach carefully elaborated on the 4 other titles, where the duality of the rhythmic universe of Cadenced Haven is articulating on cadences and ambiances as unexpected as appealing. In fact Peregrination offers 2 for 1; a Gert Emmens mini album where one finds his ebullient sequences in an extremely syncretic sound world in parallel and a mini introductory album of Cadenced Haven which reveals us an astonishing artist rich in ideas and audacities on rhythmic structures full of surprises.


Sylvain Lupari
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