jeudi 16 septembre 2010

SPYRA Wolfram Der/LANG Chris: Sequest (2010)

After a first superb album released in 2003, the duet Spyra / Lang puts back with Sequest; an album which includes music recorded in concert and which walks by moments on the tracks of Achtundsechzig 24, while caressing a sound universe proper to Spyra musical signature. Outer spaces voices entangled to angelic choruses, straight in the middle of a stellar station where trains coming from another world travel.
Fine sequences flicker over waves appearing from the unknown, digging even more the unreality introductory of Last Train to Holmberg III, the city sitting nowhere. The sequential movement becomes a bit more linear, espousing a line of resonance which waves upright under a dense one Mellotron wrap. Slowly Last Train to Holmberg III takes life with a fine line of bass which pulses among these resonant sequences, lost choruses and beautiful layers of a melodious synth. The rhythm stabilizes with percussions which slam in an electronic world where sequences teem under thick Mellotron layers and synths fuse nasal solos with well pronounced twists. As a spiral which winds from top to bottom, the tempo of Last Train to Holmberg III waves of a minimalism movement where intonations permute willingly to synth solos which take many sonorities. Last Train to Holmberg III disentangles trough musical landscape tinted with several modulations, of which piano notes whose pour among solos of a symphonic synth and breaths of fanciful blowpipes. At once poetic and intuitive Last Train to Holmberg III shows us stations of a soft musicality where musical temperaments differ from a station to another, but preserve its entire great presence with a synth to multiple modulations and sonorities. Nenikekamen moves on with great sequences which skip tenderly, under the breaths of a jazzy synth which pushes its solos such a trumpet pushing sighs in the heart of a lonely night. Here the sequences are superb and frame marvelously the wanderings of a synth shaping its solos under the sound of a rolling train. Hypnotic and tender, the tempo stirs frenziedly below spectral solos and sequences which hem with grace, while a beautiful Mellotron throws a felted aura on a movement became more and more caustic. A rhythm where sequences get out of breath around the 12th minute, plunging Nenikekamen in a very finale ambient. Santorini depicts marvelously the musical universe of Spyra. A long title to jazz fragrances which moves lasciviously with a beautiful line of bass, fine percussions which slam under felted pulsations, pensive choruses, a piano to dreamy notes and a synth with trumpets sweet blows. A sensual and light title that ends in the duality of industrial tones. More syncretic, the title track plunge us beyond the harmonious borders of Spyra / Lang. The intro is nevertheless sulfurous with a splendid synth whispering songs and blows dreamlike choruses, preceding a soft line of bass which pulses around sequenced chords which flicker nervously in a heavy metallic trap. Straight from a Milky Way opening, Sequest turns into a somber spectral odyssey where heavy lines of synth resound by tearing a felted veil with pulsations drumming constantly in ochre web. Ghostly mermaids howl in a dark musical canvas where the drama takes place behind fine sequences and synth pads which pierce for a moment this fleece of metal, before ending on a soft final which embraces the steams of its intro, showing this strange duality of styles which lives in Spyra.
Soft hypnotic musing with somber nightmarish mazes, Sequest is of a unique musicality of a very avant-gardism and colored world of Spyra. This 2nd Spyra / Lang album progresses such a journey by train. A journey which makes us discover magnificent musical landscapes near the Schulze Berliner style, before melting into the jazzy nights of Spyra Spyra to end in a strange terminus which depicts easily the multiplicity of the styles which confirm Spyra in its prince's title of the contemporary EM.


Sylvain Lupari
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