samedi 18 septembre 2010

SCHULZE/GERRARD: Dziekuje Bardzo DVD (2009)

It’s not with a concert of EM, even with the Master Schulze, that I will attract people in my living room, even if drinks will be free and flow massively. And it’s understandable! See Schulze in concert is like watching a tall man of a certain age toying with its PC and multiple keyboards. Remark that whoever might be; Schulze or Vangelis, results would be the same. And this, even if the music is sublime! When one attends a concert, one likes that when that moves. One likes that to feel life and the communication between artists on stage. Jean Michel Jarre and Tangerine Dream understood it and for this reason their concerts are clearly snuffed by a younger clientele who seek for sparks and rhythms on furtive exchanges of glances or smiles between musicians. An EM concert which includes only one person and his gear is the equivalent of seeing a pianist or solo instrumentalists in stage behind his fans conquered in advance. It is necessary to love the artist and to travel with his art to appreciate this invisible communion of it. On this level, Klaus Schulze succeeds fully. Seeing him settles on raised curtains to fix his equipments in order to create his invisible orchestra where the rhythm appears as by magic is something to see. Thereafter wrapping these beats by suave synth solos, is the great musical mass where everything becomes allowed, even astral voyages without unspecified substances. And the room, just as me, is stagger by the presence of this man who inspires still so much dream, fantasy and quietude. Him alone, Klaus Schulze magnetizes and charms by its ease to multiply its harmonies in a perfect cohesion that one is very astonished when he stands up to introduce Lisa Gerrard for Bazylika NSJ. Thirty minutes that we didn’t see slipping by! A great lady, a beautiful voice and a superb cohesion between the artifice and the naturalness! Bazylika NSJ, just like Godspell, are 2 titles with ethereal and torn ambiances where the voice of Gerrard marries the audacities and improvisations of Schulze who shows that there is no age to oversize its electronic symphonies where the angels squabble the satanic last breaths. A beautiful concert with a sober lighting, not to say rudimentary, with two artists not afraid of pushing the electronic art far enough to be hard to catch up by others.
In the Moog for Love is a documentary of thirty minutes showing the making of this show. The French subtitles (German are also available) make his viewing more attractive, in particular for the interview with Lisa Gerrard who talks about her relationship and how everything stats with Schulze. So, a small and beautiful documentary showing Schulze is in good health, still likes what he does and over all still has enthusiasm for create music. Dziekuje Bardzo is a superb audio-visual document. On the audio side, we have an excellent concert with music of the most innovative whose many bounces are the essence of Schulze creativity, whereas the visual side is sober and quite detailed. One sees there perfectly all that Schulze handles and programs in order to present a concert worthy of complexity and imagination we can expect from EM. So, a great DVD with outstanding music which is far most enjoyable on a big TV ACL screen and a great surround sound system. An event that technology is able to offer nowadays and which surpasses the great Dziekuje Poland, released 25 years ago. A Masterpiece which will survive times…as many musical works from Schulze.

Sylvain Lupari
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