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SCHULZE/GERRARD: Dziekuje Bardzo 3CD (2009)

There are people who think that the artistic union Schulze/Gerrard made its time and that our friend Klaus should pass to another thing. I’m divided about this opinion. Certainly I miss these long Schulzian synth wanderings where Schulze thwarted previsions by throwing an album which tricked the time bringing us way ahead beyond. On the other hand, I believe that there are still beautiful things to come out from this duet whose duels and harmonies transcend what Schulze can let us imagine with its chimerical choruses. If Lisa Gerrard had quiet down the Master on Farscape and Rheingold, Schulze pushes divinely the diva of the syncretic singings on Dziekuje Bardzo with superbly sequenced passages where the voice of its Muse is as aggressive and corrosive as it’s the time on Dead Can Dance.What do we have to hold about Dziekuje Bardzo is that it’s a triple cd-set which gathers 2 concerts given in 2 days; one in Berlin and the other in Warsaw. For sentimental reasons concerning Schulze (that is to say 25 years after Dziekuje Poland), the concert of Warsaw is definitely more inspired. Therefore, in my opinion, a double album including the concert of Warsaw plus, in bonus, Spanish Ballerina, should have been amply enough. But Schulze being Schulze, which knows that all of his concerts are pirated (from where the birth of Silver, Ultimate, etc… Edition), he preferred to release a triple box with the 2 performances which resemble each other except for some variations. Therefore, here what can explain the polemic of certain EM chronicler’s opinions who think that the Schulze-Gerrard union made its time.
The first 3 titles are drawn from the concert given in Warsaw, on November 13, 2008, nearly 4 months after the Loreley (Rheingold) concert and Klaus Schulze frees his panoply of heteroclite sonorities where voices and groaning bathe in a strange climate of Muslim pastoral on a soft synth to angelic singing exercises. Towards the 9th minute a fine sequence takes shape and floats while multiplying its arch tinted of light hazy whistles on another sequence which undulates in a superb sequential fusion that few artists dare to soften. A dance of cymbals is added to the movement whose undulation gets the upper hand on the rhythmic, whereas choruses so ethereal to Schulze musical world are graft to mould a soft symphony on chaotic rhythms, but symmetrical, in the shade of a synth which unpick its solos as much abrasive than cosmic, like a hyphen between the lost world of analogue to that more pragmatic and robotic which is the digital one. And wave the beat! Under twisted solos which widen the rhythm on ten minutes. Time needs to embrace a long ethereal final with sweet musical silk threads where Schulze lays out all the architectural possibilities of its synths.
Bazylika NSJ is the 1st Schulze/Gerrard communion on Dziekuje Bardzo box-set. A long title divided like Shoreless Two with its intro and its beatific finale, intersected of a most daring segment for a vocal performance where Schulze insane sequences marinate on solids percussions and an absolutely magical voice which bites at full lungs on a frenzied rhythm. Divine, the intro shows us the power of Mrs. Gerrard vocal cords that Schulze supports superbly well with its synthesized choruses. A cosmic opera where the Prima Donna dominates an unreal universe with a superb fusion of simulated and artificial voices. Magic, the voice of Gerrard borrows various intonations before gently gliding towards the opening of the hybrid sequences which hop from everywhere near the 18th minute. And there we attend to a musical duel where the rhythm, which undulates with aggressivity, crosses slow but fluid orchestrations and syncopated sequences where Schulze pushes Lisa Gerrard in the depth of her ramparts, driving back the limits of a simple Prima Donna. A diva who spreads out all the spell of her voice, over an ethereal final. Godspell encloses the performance of Warsaw with a title divided into 2 times and movements. The first 10 minutes attack a minimalism rhythm where the tempo pulse and undulates such as a cosmic ascension on great percussions hammering a progressive tempo which agitates nearby a superb vocal performance. A musical piece where the vocal improvisation is as much impressive as those of the synth and sequences of a Klaus Schulze in its hallucinatory movements. With the quietude and the sublimity of here voice, Lisa Gerrard feeds herself all the dreamy imaginations of Godspell 2nd part where artificial cellos revolve around a voice to thousand intonations, visages and passions which lull us with an infinite idleness of the heart.
Recorded the day before, the concert of Berlin offers structures similar to the Warsaw concert, except for some variations. These variances are more present on Ocean off Innocence where heavy resounding chords oscillate deeply under the laments of a Lisa Gerrard who seems to be without limits. A soft celestial voice on heavy reverberations with the circles of claustrophobic resonances, Lisa Gerrard is in a superb vocal delirious whereas gradually Ocean off Innocence borrows soft paths of Bazylika NSJ, as well as its heavy unbridled rhythms. Spanish Ballerina distinguishes itself with its syncretic intro to anarchistic voices, before a soft Spanish serenade comes to polish its syncretic opening.
Dziekuje Bardzo’s only flaw is its whole contains. Offering 2 concerts that look a lot alike add some redundancies and lengths to this 3 cd set. If we have the money of our faith and fanaticism there are no problems, but I do believe it’s a problem of conscience of Klaus D. Mueller for this shameless exploitation of fans loyalty. On the other hand, the Warsaw concert is a wonder where Schulze gargantuan impetuses are finely supported by a superb control of Lisa Gerrard vocal cords whom, undoubtedly, swallowed a synth in her childhood. A splendid voice which embraces all of Schulze’s madness who, on the other hand, performs superbly all of his muse’s emotions. A beautiful album, that has its lengths, but which is absolutely magical on its DVD version which presents the whole Warsaw concert.

Sylvain Lupari
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